Tea on a vintage train – the best afternoon tea in Cambridge?

Every now and then we venture out with the little one – often it ends in me being covered in copious amounts of vomit and returning swiftly home in a foul mood, but when it works, you get rose-tinted memories about those times! Which is what counts, thankfully. We took a trip out to the new Carriages of Cambridge afternoon tea experience for my parents, and my dad’s 60th, birthdays. (Yes, plural. My parents have the same birthday – I’ve probably already mentioned it, but growing up I thought you had to find someone with the same birthday as you to get married. What of it?) Thankfully, it was one of the good times!

Carriages is essentially stationary vintage trains serving afternoon and cream teas in Cambridgeshire. It’s a relatively new venue, and we had the best day out sampling their high tea in a private carriage on train Oliver (note Oliver can’t accommodate pushchairs). You pay a £20 surcharge for your own carriage, but with a 3 month old baby and a special occasion it was well worth doing. The carriage had been beautifully restored with comfy seats and you don’t even mind that the view is static, really.

But better than that, the food was pretty good too! I picked high tea particularly for my dad, who loves savoury food and I knew it came with pork pies, one of his favourites. And a cheese scone instead of a sweet one – the man is a giant mouse with the yellow stuff. My two favourite sandwich fillings are prawn mayo and chicken and sweetcorn and this was the first afternoon tea I’ve ever had which featured both, so I was pretty pleased about that! The tea was good too. Here I am, in a not at all staged photo of sipping said tea.

CiCi Marie afternoon tea at Carriages of Cambridge

And the food… mmmm….

CiCi Marie afternoon tea at Carriages of Cambridge

My only criticism was the miniature lemon meringue pie. Lemon meringue pie is the devil’s food. Top marks for the sausage roll, though – could have eaten five of those. Actually, one positive about breastfeeding is it seems to have increased my stomach capacity – I managed to wolf down all of my afternoon tea portion without feeling too full. Even though it was tonnes of food. This may be a first in my afternoon tea history. RESULT.

Sadie was mostly a very good girl at her first afternoon tea – she only lost it when she got a bit overtired.

Sadie looks impressed

More of this adorable posh dress in a moment. I said I’d be someone who didn’t dress my girl in pink dresses but then someone gave us one as a gift and, yeah, can’t get enough. Sorrynotsorry.

Carriages of Cambridge private carriage

Sadie Mae in a pink frock

I told you it was cute. And hey adding some leopard print makes it edgy, right? You wait until you see the bonnet she was wearing in a minute.

Here’s the birthday boy – not as cute as a baby in a pink dress, but he did his best. Actually, fun fact about my dad – I’ve had three separate people tell me Sadie is a dead ringer for him. Unfortunately for her, I completely agree. I mean it helps that he also has no hair, but actually I think it’s in the eyes and mouth. Poor little girl – of all the relatives to look like she gets her 60-year-old granddad.

Carriages of Cambridge private carriage Carriages of Cambridge private carriage

Time for some scenic shots to show you the gorgeous 20s station. You bet I want to take outfit photos here and am already planning our return so I can do just that. According to their website, everything’s been recreated with great attention to detail to the past, but I have to admit I don’t know enough about buildings and objects to know how authentic it was. It certainly all looked very beautiful.

Carriages of Cambridge station house Carriages of Cambridge station platform Carriages of Cambridge station platform

Obligatory family shot – now please take a look at this and know that the tallest person here is B at 5’10” and tell me why my baby has exceptionally long legs?? It’s a mystery we can’t figure out, but she’s longer than another baby girl exactly her age but who weighed considerable more at birth. I’m resigning myself to the fact she’s going to tower over me aged 4.

Carriages of Cambridge with the family - CiCi Marie

But I’ll forgive her because BABY IN A BONNET. This was hand-knitted by my nanna in the 80s – and I really want to buy some more like it so I think I might get on Etsy and see what I can see.

Sadie Mae in a bonnet

My little family and the bluest sky.

CiCi Marie - my little family

Photo spam over. But seriously, if you want a fab afternoon tea experience in the Cambridge area you must check this place out (not being paid in any way to endorse it – just had a great time!).

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  1. November 28, 2018 / 1:52 am

    This looks like a very fun outing- that food looks delicious! And I agree- baby’s in bonnets are just the cutest thing ever 🙂

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