Outfit: nursing with Lindy Bop, part 1

Three months after giving birth, I’m back here dressing myself in something that isn’t maternity clothes – hurrah! But baby-influenced outfits aren’t quite at an end yet as these days I need to wear something I can easily breastfeed in. A lot of my favoured old, fitted tops and dresses are just too awkward for this purpose, so my wardrobe has needed a bit of a rethink. Dresses are really only practical in a few different styles, as unlike a top, you can’t just lift them up! Well, you could, but it wouldn’t be advisable…

I’ve been finding getting hold of a range of clothes for nursing as much of a pain as maternity wear, if I’m honest. Mostly because a) I’m bigger than I was and b) I tended to size down for a better fit on the shoulders, but with my bust the size it is now that ain’t gonna fly anymore. It’s really hard trying to guess what size I am in every brand these days, so one of the tricks I quickly learned was to size to the bust and look for a way to pull my waist in.

Step in the Kody dress from Lindy Bop! This dress is button down to the waist, making it easy to feed Sadie in. I’ve tried a few nursing-specific tops and to be honest, most of them are a bit of a faff. They often give you a small opening and if your, er, assets, have blown up in size you might, as I do, struggle with the gap you’re given (seriously, one of them was about the same size as my nipple – you’re welcome for that mental image). So, I find this style a lot easier to handle and the bonus is I sized to my chest and then used the waist belt to pull the middle in, which was a bit big for me. The waist is elasticated, so there’s definite give on the size guide.

I’ve actually had a really, really tough time with breastfeeding. Many weeks later nearly all of the issues are ironed out, but every single day was a battle to not give up at the start. So I was really pleased to talk a little to Lindy Bop about how to get help in those early days, in this interview for their blog. Some other fab bloggers give their thoughts too – new mums should take a look! You’ll note there’s another outfit featured in their post and I’ll be back with more photos of it soon. (And if anyone out there wants to ask me anything about my struggles please feel free to comment or email me, as I’m now passionate about helping others going through similar problems!)

Lindy Bop Kody dress for nursing Lindy Bop Kody dress for nursing Lindy Bop Kody dress for nursing Lindy Bop Kody dress for nursing Lindy Bop Kody dress for nursing Lindy Bop Kody dress for nursing Lindy Bop Kody dress for nursing Lindy Bop Kody dress for nursingBeret: eBay
Cape: Collectif (super old)
Dress: Kody c/o Lindy Bop
Bag: Collectif (black still available)
Shoes: TU @ Sainsbury’s (last year)

Dressing up for a walk with the pram and to take some photos was, yes, a monumental effort with a 2-month-old baby and why no, I wouldn’t recommend it as a fun leisure activity. But actually, she was asleep most of the shoot until she woke up at the end and we distracted her by pointing the camera in her face instead. To get this look together took all morning and two grown adults on a kind of shower-and-style tag team so that’s the reason I’m not blogging much these days in a nutshell for you!

But as I write this, Sadie is 12 weeks old and it really is the magic number for colic, which is much, much better now. It’s exhausting looking after a baby who cries incessantly from 5pm onwards, but now she’s a pretty happy baby who loves having her version of ‘conversations’ with anything with a face. Or not even always a face – she loves a chat with our living room light-shade too (it’s shaped like leaves so… yeah, I don’t know). I’m looking forward to more days with my chatty, but not-so-windy baby in the weeks to come! Y’know, before she starts moving and things really get real…

Lindy Bop Kody dress for nursing Lindy Bop Kody dress for nursing Sadie Mae at two months

She’s looking pretty cute with most of her hair still on her head here – and not, as it currently is, rubbed off onto everything she lays down on. As my pregnancy hair loss has now kicked in we seem to be in some sort of crap race to see who can go bald the fastest…


  1. October 27, 2018 / 12:19 pm

    You look wonderful!! Highly co-ordinated as usual, I love the splashes of navy with that mustardy colour dress. (Chris likes your shoes especially, he says hi!) I have to say that your sense of humour is coming across even more now that you’re a mum, the hefty doses of reality you’re throwing in are making me chuckle and also feel sympathy for new mums in equal measures!! I guess social media can be really helpful for reaching out to other mums and sharing advice and tips, so it’s great that Lindybop has put together a page of bloggers that are in the same boat.

    I hope you’re having a lovely Autumn weekend. It’s turned a lot colder here, so I’m enjoying wearing some big vintage coats!


    • CiCi Marie
      October 30, 2018 / 9:26 am

      I think being a mum brings out my sarcastic side 😉 You kind of have to laugh or you’d cry!! Lindy Bop are doing great work listening to their customers when they request more maternity and nursing styles; a lot of respect to them for that.

      Definitely colder here too now – I’m enjoying dressing Sadie in all the cute vintage knitwear! Oh, and hi Chris! xx

  2. October 28, 2018 / 2:26 pm

    I’m so glad Sadie is starting to be a happier baby for you! And that you figured out all your breastfeeding issues; I had trouble with Evie for a few weeks and I remember feeling so discouraged because so many articles were just like “just wait it out” with no real advice as to what I could change (her latch wasn’t good so it was really painful to breastfeed. Thankfully I found a site that said lay back to help deepen the latch, and that’s what we needed!)

    You look GORGEOUS here. I love everything about this outfit combination! The shoes especially, and how they match your cape! beautiful!


    • CiCi Marie
      October 30, 2018 / 9:28 am

      Breastfeeding can be SO hard. I read a lot of ‘wait it out’ advice too and it makes you want to scream because it’s precisely the thing you feel like you can’t do. We had issues with a bad latch too – Sadie had a tongue tie and tight neck muscles from her delivery and once we’d fixed those she was able to open her mouth a lot wider. I never got on with changing position to fix the issues because the problem was with her tiny, too-closed mouth!

      Thanks so much for the lovely words 🙂 xx

  3. Jess
    November 1, 2018 / 3:02 am


    I just ran across your blog and have read your maternity post and this one and I almost want to cry because finally I feel understood. XD I have struggled so much with self-image in the year and three-quarters since I got pregnant and had my baby. I used to be cute! I used to fit in cute vintage clothes that I found at the thrift store and wondered why anyone would give them away! Then my bust “busted” out of everything and then my butt and then my belly and the rest is history. -_- I have been slowly, slowly starting to rework my wardrobe. I had the problem of not acknowledging to myself that I had legitimate reason to change my whole wardrobe (that used to consist of nice fitted waists and busts with zero stretch at all) and so spent most of my pregnancy wanting to hide under a rock because I felt so frumpy. And then I discovered that post-pregnancy, nursing a baby, does NOT mean fitting back into all my pre-pregnancy cute dresses…. My stomach trimmed up nicely (ignoring the stretch marks) but my bust is still (after a year of nursing STILL), well, large. I was in denial for so long and now I’m finally trying to just redo everything and build a “Mom” wardrobe. But not frumpy “Mom.” Cute, stylish, lovely Mom. It’s hard. Especially when you try a cute button-down dress on at the thrift store and think it fits perfectly until you get home and realize you bought the dress with empty boobs and now you’ve got full ones and it gaps and stretches all over the place.

    Well, I’ve got that all off my chest now. (Figuratively.) What I meant to say is I am SO GRATEFUL to find a cute nursing mom who has a sense of style similar to my own pre-pregnancy… it gives me hope. I am so ready to feel gorgeous again. -_- I’ll stick around! Please do keep posting when you have the chance… I know, KNOW how it is to try to scrape together the time to do what makes your soul sing when you have a kiddo… They are well worth every sacrifice (I probably don’t need to tell you that) but yeah–they rock your world.

    Thank you thank you thank you.

    • CiCi Marie
      November 1, 2018 / 4:17 am

      Your lovely comment made me teary as I read it at 4am having woken with the most painful, full boobs – as usual!! I really do hear everything you’re saying; it’s really hard when you’re stuck with a chest several times larger than pre pregnancy AND it goes up and down, if you lived in fitted styles before! I’m so so glad if I managed to give you hope and promise I’m going to try my best to keep posting when I can 🙂 it makes it worth it to hear from people like you. Do follow along on Instagram as sometimes I’ll post outfits there that don’t make the blog – @cicimarieblog x

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