Easy 50s hair: part 2 – Dita Von Teese/modern pin-up inspired

So, Part 1 about getting Bettie Page inspired hair was *cough* a little while ago now, but I hadn’t forgotten about Part 2! I wanted to try to achieve a more ‘modern pin-up’/Dita Von Teese ‘do with a wig, by which I mean a shoulder-length style with the curls concentrated at the bottom of the hair. Getting an authentic 50s style curl set like this that holds would ideally involve overnight setting and a whole lot of practice. It also requires your hair to not be too long – and mine is certainly in that category. So can a wig do the job for you?

Here I’m wearing the Honey wig from Annabelle’s Wigs – the black version of which they call the Dita, for probably obvious reasons. The side parting and curl shape has obviously taken inspiration from Dita’s trademark style. It also comes in golden brown, blonde, platinum blonde and auburn, so this is a great one in terms of experimenting and for getting a match to your natural hair, hopefully. I actually think that’s one of the keys to this particular wig…

As before, I’m going to show you how to wear this wig four vintage-inspired ways!

Worn naturally

The Honey wig by Annabelles Wigs for Dita inspired hair
The first thing I’ll say about this wig is I found it impossible to get it to lay as it does in the model photos, which is in more of a neat wave shape. When I brushed it through the top part would sit in the waves, but the bottom parts would form more dishevelled curls than the picture would have you believe. I actually think that’s fine – in the photos the hair looks a bit fake but like this it is more passable for a real curl set, I think. I would probably never wear it for long loose like this though for two reasons – 1) a bit of wind will probably ruin it and 2) if you look at the left side of the wig above, you can see it’s almost covering my eye. It does actually go over it and gets tangled in my eyelashes, which would drive me crazy for a day.
So what could you do instead?
A simple pin fix
Getting easy modern pin-up hair using the Honey wig

MUCH better! All I’ve done is put a bobby pin (kirby grip) just behind my ears each side (where I’m pointing), having pinned back just a bit of the front section to stop it from getting all over my face. This helps keep it neat, the curls in place and gives it quite an authentic feel, I think.

Pin with flowers

A 50s inspired wig with hair flowers

Another suggestion is to use more decorative ‘pins’ than the humble kirby grip. Here I’ve used a pair of matching hair flowers which actually helps give the wig more of a 40s vibe, I think, but still pretty and also practical – each clip is holding back a section of that front hair again. It’s a smaller section pinned back this time, and the result is a more curly, relaxed looking ‘do. I think this wig would also work marvellously with a flower crown on a headband for the same reason.

Glamorous sunhat

A 50s inspired wig with a big sunhat
This might be my favourite! All I’ve done here is tuck a little bit of the front hair from the wig behind my ears to keep it more out of my face and then put a sunhat on top. The sunhat fits very snuggly over the wig and my own hair underneath, but fit it does and it feels very secure, also helping to anchor the wig in place. Again, you don’t need to worry too much about maintenance of the curls with this option, because they look pretty a bit looser under the hat.
So there you go, another affordable wig that might be a fun alternative if you fancy trying this kind of style but don’t want to put the legwork in. I’ve been asked how realistic they look in real life – I’d say more so than in the photos where the lighting is causing that unnatural high-shine wig-giveaway you can see. If you got close enough you could no doubt tell it’s synthetic material, but I strongly doubt anyone would care even if they worked it out so it hasn’t put me off wearing them in public… It’s also a great way to test out a style before you make a chop! I can’t say it’s convinced me that this hairstyle is for me – I still prefer having a fringe and I’m not ready to let go of my long hair just yet… But maybe one day!
If you’re thinking about experimenting, here’s some other thoughts…
Other tips for wearing this wig
  • It will look more natural if you choose a colour that’s similar to your own hair – the hair line of this wig is quite ‘blunt’ because it has no fringe, so if your hairline isn’t neat and you have strays/baby hair poking through it’s going to look better with a closer colour match
  • Like most wigs made of this particular kind of synthetic material, it’s going to be hard to give it any kind of volume, so it’s not the wig for you if you’re looking to add height
  • I’ve mentioned it above but to say it again, spend some time brushing it into shape from the packet; I’ve seen photos on the company’s website where it looks like the wearers haven’t done this and the result is a bit messy and more ‘modern’ looking. Any pin-up knows the benefits of a proper brush-out and this wig is no exception…

Hope you enjoyed the second part of my mini wig series! You’ll have seen I had some fun with wigs for our wedding portraits, which is why I started experimenting in the first place. I’ve since added faux Bettie bangs and a ponytail to my collection, which are super fun to play with too. The ponytail I wear almost weekly now and has appeared in photos here and here, among others!


  1. January 9, 2018 / 2:50 pm

    It looks like you had fun trying out the different ways of wearing it! Though I was slightly expecting there to be possibly some puppy photobombing? You’ve certainly done a very thorough review, I’m sure a lot of people will find it really helpful.

    It’s really a dreary day here, the sky is grey, the buildings are grey, most people are dressed in black or grey…Gah! So, I was glad to see your face brightening up my screen with the pretty flowers and red lippy. xx

    • CiCi Marie
      January 10, 2018 / 1:30 pm

      That’s a comment I’ve had before – but honestly he doesn’t stay still long enough to photobomb – at most you’d get a blurry tail probably!

      I feel the same about the grey everywhere at the moment – I HATE this time of year 🙁

  2. January 25, 2018 / 10:51 pm

    I really love how legit this looks! I haven’t tried a wig since I was in my teens and going through that emo phase we all went through – my parents wouldn’t let me dye my hair black so I had this shocker of a wig that I would wear on and off. You’ve definitely sold me on the idea of wigs with your posts and now that I live in a place that actually gets cold in winter I’m thinking of getting a wig later this year in a black 20s bob or maybe dark brown waves…

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