Outfit: strawberries and cream (sort of)

Firstly, there’s still one more outfit to show you from my Marseille trip, but this ain’t it (this one does feature some Marseille sunburn though – which funnily enough wasn’t deliberate red accessorising). Secondly, B really wanted to name this post ‘strawberries and cream’, but your eyes aren’t deceiving you, the dress you’re about to see is not cream, but dazzling purest white. Considering he takes all the outfit photos you see here and doesn’t usually express a remote interest in post names, I thought I’d let him have this one!

Unnecessary housekeeping out of the way, let’s introduce two of my favourite things this summer so far. I’ve had quite a few favourite things in the clothing department, mainly because I’ve bought so much I’ve got a lot of choice, but none can top exhibit A: the strawberry shaped wicker bag. Of course, it comes from my favourite shop, Collectif, and if I ever needed proof their designers are somehow reading my mind, this is essentially it. We all know that strawberries are the best fruit (don’t even try to argue with me on this one) and in this country we even manage to grow them, which is amazing as there’s a lot of fruit that would rather die than grow in our climate. Not the hardy, tasty strawberry. And their arrival is one of the first signs it’s actually summer here, which is partly why I love them so, so much. That and they are one of the only fruits I can actually tolerate (give me vegetables over fruit any day). You don’t have to love the fruit you’re wearing, but it helps (that’s a thing).

Something else we all know I love is a red accessory. How many times do I make you look at outfits of me with red shoes/red bag/red hat/red hair flower/red etc on this blog? A lot, that’s how many. But yet, I only (only!) actually had two red bags before this and neither was this strawberry bag. I also had to refresh Collectif’s website twice a day every day for over three weeks to nab it and it’s hard not to love something you had to put that much effort in to acquire. I actually ordered it while I was still on holiday! If you did miss out again this time, I’ve seen Collectif saying more are being made, so just follow my lead and you’ll get one – the page link is below. EDIT: Or buy this nearly identical one from Topshop (only difference is the absence of the shorter shoulder strap, from what I can see!). Or in the US, Modcloth are featuring a slightly more glitzy one by Betsey Johnson.

So that’s exhibit A. Exhibit B is this white dress from Voodoo Vixen. I never knew I needed a white dress until I got this one. It is at complete odds with how likely I am to drop something down myself if it’s going to stain appallingly, but I can’t help but love how warm-weather perfect it is. It does feel a bit Wimbledon too, particularly with this strawberry bag! And what’s more, it’s one of those uber rare instances where I didn’t have to alter a dress and it fits practically perfectly. The only other time I think that’s ever happened was the petite Lindy Bop Ophelia. When these moments of dress euphoria come along for me I suddenly understand why everyone on the vintage scene (for want of a better phrase) loves dresses so much. Any dress that can make me feel this good is going to be a favourite forever. I think I owe it largely to the flattering length, gorgeous neckline and the back which is completely shirring.

Can I get a round of applause for the designers of dresses with shirring and wicker bags shaped like strawberries please?

Voodoo Vixen white Billie Blush dress and Collectif strawberry bag


Voodoo Vixen white Billie Blush dress and Collectif strawberry bag


Sweetheart neckline of Voodoo Vixen Billie Blush dress


Voodoo Vixen white Billie Blush dress and Collectif strawberry bag


Details of Voodoo Vixen white Billie Blush dress


Voodoo Vixen white Billie Blush dress and Collectif strawberry bag
Back of Voodoo Vixen Billie Blush dress
Collectif strawberry bag


Voodoo Vixen white Billie Blush dress and Collectif strawberry bag


Collectif strawberry bamboo bag


Voodoo Vixen white Billie Blush dress and Collectif strawberry bag
Hair flower: Retro Vixens (old)
Bag: Collectif (this Topshop version is virtually identical)
Shoes: Swedish Hasbeens (check eBay)
P.S. Did you spot the sunburn? Back of arms, yep. I am militant about suncream and hate, hate, hate burning but for the record B didn’t burn – no points for guessing who was applying his cream and who was doing mine!


  1. July 15, 2015 / 12:54 pm

    AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! How did you get your hands on that bag??!! I wanted one so badly, but they sold out before I could purchase it!! Plus, great minds think alike and all….

    It really is the most perfect bag ever; I adore it so much. And you can bet your buttons that as soon as they come back in stock I will be clicking "Buy it now" faster than you can say "Strawberry!"
    (❤ヮ❤) ~❤❤❤

    Sorry for the mild freak out ~ but yeah… *droolsovercomputerscreen* When you combine wicker and strawberries and purses together, you get an instant win in my books. 😀

    And then add such a stunning eyelet dress like the one you are wearing! Perfection!! I'd wear this outfit in a heartbeat. ( ^ _ ^)∠☆  

    bonita of Lavender & Twill

    • July 16, 2015 / 12:09 pm

      Heh, I told you, I refreshed twice a day, every day, from the moment I missed them the first time! And then when I did manage to order one, I checked back two hours later and they were out of stock again. That's how narrow the window of opportunity was here!!

      I'll try to alert you if I notice them going back into stock again – but as I'm no longer refreshing the page daily I doubt I'd know about it when they do! xx

    • July 18, 2015 / 8:17 am

      I signed up to get an email about it ~ so I hope that it comes through and I can buy it then, but if you find out and give me a heads up, I'd love that too. Thank you! I am dying to get one for myself. XD

    • July 18, 2015 / 9:35 am

      My advice is bookmark the product page itself – don't rely on the new in or product pages; stuff doesn't seem to appear in order there so it's really easy to miss something that's just come in. Good luck!! x

    • July 16, 2015 / 12:10 pm

      I was struggling to think what the pattern on my dress was and everyone has used the word 'eyelet' so now I feel dumb! 🙂 xx

  2. July 15, 2015 / 4:05 pm

    The pictures and the outfit is just beautiful. And I love, love, love your hair. I'm always a bit of jealous of girls with hair that seem to be well behaving./ love Ida

    • July 16, 2015 / 12:11 pm

      In case it helps, it's only behaving about 20% of the time and on those rare occasions I drag it outside to be photographed 😉 this hairstyle wasn't supposed to even be good – it was a 1 minute bung-it-on-top-of-my-head-and-hope-for-the-best job. But isn't it always those styles that turn out amazing, whereas when you try it all goes wrong?!

  3. July 15, 2015 / 5:47 pm

    This has to be one of my most favorite outfits and blog posts that you've done, perfect outfit and dreamy photos!!! I LOVE that bag, would love to get my hands on one if they're ever in stock again 😛

    • July 16, 2015 / 12:12 pm

      Aw thanks 😀 I think this is the most-loved bag in the universe right now! x

  4. July 15, 2015 / 9:01 pm

    What a cute combo! Love the bag of course (totally with you on the fruit/ veg debate too). That dress is really flattering, I've not looked on Voodoo Vixen for a while, too much temptation!

    • July 16, 2015 / 12:13 pm

      I would love raspberries, but the seeds… THE SEEDS! I'm really excited to see what Voodoo Vixen have up their sleeves for A/W – I've seen previews of checks… I love a good check!

  5. July 15, 2015 / 9:20 pm

    Dress is gorgeous, and I've also had my eye on that bag! I'm a huge fan of white dresses – they're so simple, but they have so much more impact than other colours, somehow (and I say this as someone who is notorious for her ability to spill things on herself!): there's just so much drama to them, but all you need is a red lip and a great pair of shoes, and you're done!

    • July 16, 2015 / 12:15 pm

      I honestly think every woman on this planet right now wants this bag! I thought of you when I posted this because of the white dress thing. Agree they are just so chic… and look so good with red lipstick!

  6. July 15, 2015 / 9:56 pm

    LOVE IT! I too often find myself accessorizing in red. It's one of my favorite colors (the other is purple) and it just goes with SO MUCH!


    • July 16, 2015 / 12:15 pm

      It really does go with everything – but especially red lipstick, which I find rather convenient 😉

  7. July 16, 2015 / 3:32 am

    You look so good! I love the whole pastoral feel of this, with the white eyelet dress and the strawberry bag and the rural setting. These shots are utterly fabulous. Your hair game is also totally on point, as usual.

    • July 16, 2015 / 12:17 pm

      I feel a bit guilty because the hair game was a fluke and I can't even pretend I tried this time… but, to be fair, that is the first time I've had a fluke amazing hairstyle in the 3+ years I've been writing this blog – that's how rare it is!! It was actually the reason we took these photos on this particular day, I was so determined to capture it!

  8. July 16, 2015 / 7:09 am

    Just perfect! I love embroidery anglaise, and this dress looks absolutely angelic on you!

  9. July 16, 2015 / 11:58 pm

    I can't appreciate the gorgeousgness of the dress (which IS gorgeous), because that little purse stole all the spotlight!!!
    I love the simple yet pretty and vintag-y outfit, and the beautiful color combination.
    Your hair looks wonderful!
    But oh, that purse is definitely the star here 🙂

    (from A Golden Picnic)

    • July 17, 2015 / 12:43 pm

      I have to say I love both in equal measure or one of them will get jealous (but the strawberry bag knows how I feel) 😉

  10. July 17, 2015 / 9:05 am

    Of course you know I love that bag, because you've already seen the one I blogged. However, this dress is just divine! I've wanted a dress with this eyelet material since Zimmerman had one in their collection. It sold out incredibly quick though because the Duchess of Cambridge wore it when she came to Australia.

    Love love love all of this outfit. xo


    • July 17, 2015 / 12:44 pm

      Darn the Duchess of my fair city (I live in Cambridge!) stealing your dress!! How rude! Glad you like my strawberry bag outfit, after yours was so divine 🙂 x

  11. July 17, 2015 / 8:36 pm

    awww i have a big crush on this strawberry bag too ! And it goes perfectly with the white dress.
    You make me want to buy one now…!

  12. July 18, 2015 / 3:17 pm

    Ooohh, my sweet dear, what a dreamy, romantic, beautiful outfit! The white eyelet dress is the perfect backdrop for this wildly darling strawberry bag. You're making me rethink my stance on all white dresses (and my body, I mean). Goodness, do you look amazing in this one!

    Tons of hugs & happy weekend wishes,
    ♥ Jessica

    • July 19, 2015 / 7:17 pm

      I think you'd look awesome in a white dress, Jessica! I'd love to see it… Go on… 😉 x

  13. July 19, 2015 / 10:36 am

    Hi lovely, bit late commenting on people's blogs this week, been a bit manic! That's such a gorgeous white dress, I've been looking for one very similar (if the Ebay gods are with me I might have one by the end of the weekend!). I think Amber's right, they do have a 'drama', perhaps because in this country we don't get to wear white that much? And the strawberry bag, that's the bees knees!! Gorgeous photos as usual by B. Strawberries are one of my favourite fruits, and we're lucky that this year our strawberry patch was particularly good. xx

    • July 19, 2015 / 7:18 pm

      Fingers crossed you get your eBay find! I guess this one would be a bit short for you, knowing our height difference! We really don't wear white much in this country, that's true – I'd never really thought of that before… xx

  14. July 26, 2015 / 9:09 pm

    You look beautiful in that white dress! And that has got to be one of the cutest bags I've ever seen! 🙂

    Jessica | Pyreflies.org

  15. August 2, 2015 / 11:06 pm

    That bag is marvellous, I admire your dedication in finally getting hold of one! It is lovely paired with that beautiful white dress. I would ruin that in an instant but I do like the summery feel of a pretty white dress.

  16. August 6, 2015 / 2:31 pm

    What a gorgeous bag and you look just lovely! Such a pretty hairdo!

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