Make-up: orange-y lipstick – a new favourite

I’m not going to lie, orange lipstick is a difficult one. It’s surprisingly hard to find orange shades in most lipstick ranges – and when you do, they’re often virtually neon and have a lot of yellow in them. Of course, any lipstick with a lot of yellow isn’t going to do any favours for less than perfectly white teeth (i.e. mine). More of an early 1950s type coral look, which I prefer, needs an orange with a definite hint of red.
So, I’ve been hunting for about two years for a lipstick to replace my beloved discontinued Ruby & Millie Orange 350 Cream tube that is the perfect shade in my eyes. It’s what I think a retro orange should be – a lighter, summery alternative to classic red. It seemed the impossible task – I just couldn’t find anything that came close to it, albeit a few glossy types and it probably goes without saying I was after a matte finish.
Then, when I was in Paris in early May and hunted down a Sephora, it suddenly dawned on me to continue the search there. And voila! A French make-up range finally put an end to it when I found this little beauty…
Make Up For Ever, Rouge Artist Intense in 40
For the first time, the below shots were taken with my SLR and not my phone, so the colours you see here are as close to accurate as it’s possible to get… And note this is it worn applied straight from the tube in full – it’s possible to apply it more lightly with a brush.
Rouge Artist Intense 40 bright orange
And in case you’re still not sure about giving orange lipstick a try because of the yellow teeth thing, here’s a glimpse of mine… I don’t think it shows up their off-whiteness any more than some reds I own do.
  • Beautiful, hard-to-find colour
  • A mostly-matte finish (the company say it’s a satin, but it’s less satin than most), which is probably ideal as a truly matte orange would potentially look odd
  • Long-wearing – it largely stays on through meals
  • It’s not moisturising, but it’s not drying either – this is no Mac matte, although would benefit from primer before if you’re prone to flaky lips like I am
  • If you live in the UK, you’re going to have a hard time finding this and might have to resort to an online store (either this London store or Sephora, who have very recently started shipping to the UK)
  • It’s expensive at £17.50 (although I’d argue that quality is on a par with Nars, priced similarly)
  • Fairly uninspiring case, but I don’t tend to care about things like this!

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  1. May 31, 2014 / 9:21 am

    Looks beautiful on you! Good find x

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