Make-up: classic 60s face

Poor L, she’d rather just be a reader of this blog but she made the unfortunate mistake of living with me and thus becoming my living doll.  This time, my living 60s doll!

The 60s is all about the eyes, which I knew would suit her lovely large green peepers wonderfully.  The following look takes very few products and is actually pretty simple to do – but you need a steady hand for the eyeliner!  We’ve gone with a Twiggy theme…


Foundation: Essentially Natural by No.7 in Cool Vanilla

Easy peasy, just put a foundation of your choice on your face!  Paler ones probably work better with the dark dramatic eye make-up of the 60s and pale lips.


Eyeshadow: Lancome Color Focus Quad 350 – silver

Really, you just want a pale shadow here.  The 60s liked neutral colours, pale blues, pale browns, greys like this one here… but then there are examples of bright colours being used with heavy liner too, so you can have fun with it!  I put this all over her eyelids, right up to the eyebrows.

Eyeliner part i

Eyeliner: Collection 2000 Fast Stroke in Black

You’re drawing two thick lines here.  One is along your upper lash-line and unlike the 50s, you’re not flicking upwards, but just following your natural line to the end.  The second line is thicker still and follows the crease of your eyelid, ending in roughly the same place as your other line does.  I think if I were to do these again I’d make this a bit thicker, as it all but disappeared on L’s eyes when you want it a bit visible really to make an impact.


Lashes: Eyelure Naturalites Eveningwear 101

The bigger the better for the 60s.  In fact, they were said to often layer several pairs up, but perhaps they didn’t have the huge range of super thick lashes we have these days.  I only had one pair in the house, so one pair it had to be.

Eyeliner part ii

Same liner as before and now you’re just painting on tiny triangles to look like thick fake lashes.  The smaller they get the more they become lines rather than triangles, but from this image you should be able to see how I did it.  It’s not hugely hugely neat – it’s hard when your victim is fighting instinctual urges to swat your hand the heck away from her eye – but actually unless you’re this close I don’t think you’d notice as you’ll see below.


60s Twiggy make up

Lipstick: No.3 Lasting Finish by Kate, Rimmel

First we put L’s foundation over her lips to make them paler because the 60s liked a nude or pale pink lip.  Then we swept over a nude lipstick, following her natural lip-line, to keep the focus on her dramatic eyes.


And now for some arty shots, just ’cause…



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