Styling 01: Shorts and Stripes

I wish I was a stylist – I’d love to put together magazine spreads in fashion mags and pick out clothes from an endless rail of designers. But alas, I’m not willing to commit 5 years of my life to unpaid work experience in order to get into the industry, so instead I’ll just pretend… I thought I’d do some styling posts for how to style different items (and tell you where to get them).

So, here’s my styling post Number 01!

I’m not blessed with pins up to my eyeballs, which is a shame, because I love shorts. Sadly I am forever in skinny jeans or chinos over the summer. Trust me, nobody wants to see my thighs.

That doesn’t stop me from window shopping though. I think the key to styling when it comes to shorts is to keep it simple. I think a classic Breton stop, which is a wardrobe staple, is the perfect accompaniment to any pair of shorts whether their denim, floral, chiffon and culottes.

Here’s how I’d style mine (if I had the legs!)…

Summer style - Short shorts


Shorts from L-R:, Topshop, Warehouse, Topshop, SheinsideMarie ♥

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