Make-up: when red lips are too much…

Every now and then I like to kid myself that I’m a hard-nosed business-woman.  The truth is I work in publishing, which isn’t exactly hedge-funding in the city.  However, the fact remains that I do need to look professional and as much as I’d love to walk around all day with bright red lips, that level of glamour would probably frighten/bemuse/annoy my colleagues.  Plus if you’re wearing matte lipstick all year round you’re going to destroy your lips no matter how much primer you put on – it’s just too drying for everyday wear.

So what’s a girl to do?  At first this girl attempted mixing her reds with balm and using them as a stain, but for some reason most of them came out quite pink when used sparingly.  Not to mention I went into work everyday with red/pink fingertips. And then I came across a new Revlon product (not a brand I usually buy)…

Introducing Revlon ColorBurst Lip Butter in Candy Apple!



  • Good price at £8
  • Colour is just sheer enough for day-time and can be built up
  • Blotting takes the sheen off, leaving a pale matte red
  • Great unique packaging which lets you clearly see which colour the lipstick is – I have about 10 black cases rocking around my handbag at any given time of which several are identical and all of the writing has rubbed off, this is the only one that stands out
  • Not drying – not sure it’s as moisturising as Revlon claim, but it’s leagues ahead of my other lipsticks
  • This is an orange-toned red, which suits my warm colouring, although the hint of pink might mean it suits cool-toned ladies too


  • Amazingly good at transferring onto everything
  • Colour could stay on a bit longer
  • Slightly tacky feeling (but I’ve dealt with much worse and blotting seems to help hugely)
  • Bleeds ever-so-slightly
And here it is on, although it looks a bit pinker here than it does usually.
Ready for work!


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