Make-up: Rockalily Hot Rod Red lipstick

Like thousands of others, I have spent years looking for my perfect red lipstick.  Some women might claim that there isn’t a red out there that suits them and I was inclined to believe this at the start of my search, but now I think you just need to understand that if you pick the wrong one it’s going to look hideous and probably put you off for life.  If at first you don’t succeed…

To achieve a ‘vintage’ look you ideally want a matte lipstick, which rules a lot of brands etc out immediately.  Mac probably has the series of matte reds that are most beloved by those trying to achieve retro makeup looks, but not only are these lipsticks incredibly drying, the two best-loved, Russian Red and Ruby Woo, look damn awful on those of us with warm/olive undertones (I’ll prove this another time!)
I came across Rockalily lipsticks while reading another blog.  It’s owned by ReeRee Rockette, who started up and ran this independent lipstick brand – truly inspirational. Unfortunately for me and many other devotees out there, ReeRee has recently decided to shut her cosmetic business down to focus on setting up a hair salon.  Within hours of announcing this she’d sold out all of her shades apart from one as she was besieged by panic buyers (I’ll admit I was among them), but my personal favourite Hot Rod Red remains at the time of writing this today in stock.
Hot Rod Red – Rockalily


Why is this red not as popular as the others in her range? Probably because the website states this suits ‘olive skins and darker skins beautifully’ – being a UK-based brand, there are probably many pale customers of ReeRee’s that wrote it off immediately.

Now, I am almost as pale as it gets.  But the blue-based reds that are favourites of most other girls just don’t work on me – I don’t have any rosy pink undertones to my skin at all.  In photos with true English Roses I look decidedly yellow-tinged (this may be because of Indian relations on my mum’s side.)
Left – Hot Rod Red, Right – So Chaud (Mac)
Hot Rod Red is orange-based, but it is not an orange red.  The above picture shows it next to a red I do think you’d call an orange red, So Chaud by Mac.  You can see the Rockalily lipstick is more pink than orange.  Both lipsticks suit me but look very different on.
Hot Rod Red in natural light
So, why should you buy?
  • A great true red for warm-toned skins, pale or dark
  • Non-drying formula
  • Strong pigment – using a little works well as a good stain
  • Good staying power
  • No nasty taste or smell
  • You support an independent company by buying one
  • Transfers easily (although still remains on your lips somehow!)
  • Not as matte as other matte lipsticks
  • Slightly pricey at £14
  • Limited stock left
I’d definitely recommend anyone who’s struggled with other reds to give it a go – it’s worth noting that most reds you find in standard lipstick ranges in the UK tend to be blue-based.


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