Outfit: beret? check. check? check.

So far this autumn, I’ve brought you berets and plaid. I knew I liked these things, but this year I really like them. So you’re getting some more… This time I’ve put a bow on my beret, so does it…

10 essential tips for planning an alternative diy wedding – from decor to suppliers

This isn’t a wedding blog, but my vintage inspired seaside wedding was a big part of my life this year and I learned a lot about planning it. You might have thought I was done with the wedding posts, but…

Outfit: the perfect coat, part ii

If you’ve been following along since last winter, you might remember I raved about this beautiful green swing coat from Hearts & Roses London, while looking like Mrs Claus… That coat was probably the best thing I bought all last…

Outfit: perfect plaid

You know how I was just banging on about how one of the only things I enjoy about autumn (apart from berets), is plaid? Surprise! More plaid. More green-based plaid in fact, but this pattern from Collectif’s new range is…

Outfit: a very pretty pinny

As promised, I’m going to flit about the seasons now and head into autumn… Thanks for all the love on my bikini post by the way – you guys are the best 🙂 I don’t get as excited about the…

Outfit: the 50s style bikini of tropical dreams

I’m back from our magical Mauritian honeymoon! We really needed some time to take it easy after the hard work over the past year for the wedding, so that’s exactly what we did. Lots of sunbathing and swimming in a…


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