Vintage style: beautiful dresses on a budget

It finally happened, after years of waiting and appearing in public in dubious outfits, ranging from Madonna to Medusa (complete with plastic snakes), someone I know had a 50s themed party. The best part of this event for me I’m…

How to: Playing tailor

I am a classic pear. (damn my baby-bearing hips) My hips are massively disproportionate to my waist and it makes my love for playsuits an unrequited one. Every time I go shopping I pick up a lovely dress only to…

Bake: Drizzly Bank Holiday Monday

Today was a pretty drizzly bank holiday Monday, so I made lemon drizzle cake – geddit?! This is a recipe from a book my nan gave me – ‘Grandma’s Best Recipes’. And it is yum, yum, YUM. To make this…

Make-up: Rockalily Hot Rod Red lipstick

Like thousands of others, I have spent years looking for my perfect red lipstick.  Some women might claim that there isn’t a red out there that suits them and I was inclined to believe this at the start of my…

Vintage style: high-waisted jeans

One of my main problems with ‘vintage’ clothes, or even the repro pieces you can buy, is that they’re often a little OTT for daywear (not to mention expensive).  I don’t feel comfortable going to the supermarket in a full…

Book review: Retro Makeup by Lauren Rennells

Following Marie’s introductory note, this is my first post on our lovely new blog.  And what better way to start than to write about two of my favourite things: books and make-up. Luckily for me, the opportunity to do both…


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