Book review: Wearable Vintage Fashion

Although most of my reading these days is done on my trusty Kindle, I still have a penchant for illustrated coffee-table type books, particularly those about clothes. It’s hard/dull to read about fashion without colour images – as good as…

Vintage style: beautiful dresses on a budget

It finally happened, after years of waiting and appearing in public in dubious outfits, ranging from Madonna to Medusa (complete with plastic snakes), someone I know had a 50s themed party. The best part of this event for me I’m…

How to: Playing tailor

I am a classic pear. (damn my baby-bearing hips) My hips are massively disproportionate to my waist and it makes my love for playsuits an unrequited one. Every time I go shopping I pick up a lovely dress only to…

Bake: Drizzly Bank Holiday Monday

Today was a pretty drizzly bank holiday Monday, so I made lemon drizzle cake – geddit?! This is a recipe from a book my nan gave me – ‘Grandma’s Best Recipes’. And it is yum, yum, YUM. To make this…

Make-up: Rockalily Hot Rod Red lipstick

Like thousands of others, I have spent years looking for my perfect red lipstick.  Some women might claim that there isn’t a red out there that suits them and I was inclined to believe this at the start of my…

Vintage style: high-waisted jeans

One of my main problems with ‘vintage’ clothes, or even the repro pieces you can buy, is that they’re often a little OTT for daywear (not to mention expensive).  I don’t feel comfortable going to the supermarket in a full…


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