For the love of craft: Screen Printing

I’ve loved the idea of screen printing for a while now, ever since I worked for The Papered Parlour in London. The girls at the Parlour run workshops from jewellery making, dress making, and domestic sewing goddess, to photography and…

Vintage style: a very glamourous graduation

It’s been four years (!) since I graduated and although I wasn’t clever or dedicated enough to do any more studying than I absolutely had to, I had the opportunity to live vicariously through my housemate recently at her MA…

Vintage style: blousing around

It’s by now quite clear that as much as I’d like it to be, writing this blog isn’t my day job.  I’m a 5 days a week in an office kind of girl where my love for all things a…

Vintage style: puttin’ on my Top Hat – and a fabulous 30’s dress

For anyone that doesn’t know, Top Hat is a classic Fred and Ginger film from 1935 featuring such memorable songs as Top Hat, White Tie and Tails and Cheek to Cheek.  It’s also now a West End musical and a…

For the love of craft: Blank for your message

I’m always looking for crafty ideas that I can try and make some pocket money from. I came across this idea when I was perusing Pinterest (oh I do love to peruse Pinterest… in case you hadn’t noticed!) It’s such…

Vintage style: catseye glasses

Unfortunately I am cursed with vision so poor that without contact lenses or glasses I’d trip over/walk into things even more than I do with them. Contact lenses are my faux-sight of choice, but glasses are fun for a change…


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