Vintage style: judging an (e)book by its cover

I am more than a little in love with books.  They’ve given me joy, tears, sleepless nights and a career.  But they’ve also given my parents an attic that’s about to collapse, shelves that actually have buckled on top of…

Make-up: Nars Heat Wave lipstick review

It’s been a while since my last post – it’s tricky to blog with a long commute to work and Olympics training at the weekends (which is at last thankfully complete, now just to do my first shift!) It’s also…

For the love of craft: Jazzing up a lampshade

Following my terrible first attempt at screen printing, I’m so proud to share with you my very successful stencilled lampshade! Here’s what you’ll need: Plain white lampshade (mine was cotton, but I recommend canvas) Oil based spray paint in a colour of…

Bake: Jubilee bunting cupcakes (and a matching outfit)!

I don’t know anyone who’s having a street party, or even any kind of festivity to celebrate queenie’s big day.  So I decided to take matters into my own hands and create my own royal fun!  This is both a…

Vintage style: cute capris

Audrey Hepburn liked a pair, so did Brigitte Bardot… and now the incessant rain has miraculously transformed into bright sunshine, I might even like some too if it’ll only stay away a bit longer! From the Berg Dictionary of Fashion History,…

For the love of craft: Screen Printing

I’ve loved the idea of screen printing for a while now, ever since I worked for The Papered Parlour in London. The girls at the Parlour run workshops from jewellery making, dress making, and domestic sewing goddess, to photography and…


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