Make-up: Rockalily Vintage Vixen review

I was overjoyed to hear that Rockalily were going to revive their lipstick range, if anyone’s been reading this blog from the start you’d have seen my early rave for their Hot Rod Red.  Before I had chance to also…

Outfit: sunshine + capris

Sometimes you’re in a sea of bad days. And that’s just all there is to it.  Crappy weather does absolutely nothing to lift your spirits. But joy! Here comes the sun for one last weekend – and suddenly everything’s just…

Bake: Super massive chocolate birthday cake

Ok people, I’ve finally worked out why my thighs are so big. Everything I bake, I eat. There in lies the problem.  And this super massive chocolate birthday cake was no exception… but I only had two slices, I promise!…

Vintage style: down by the water

I’ve been away for a long time from my vintage style post series, but now I’m back and bringing you a guide to retro swimwear.  I don’t know if I’m going to manage to get within a splash of a…

Bake: Blueberry Drizzle Puff

Cici and I have been a little slow on the blog lately – mainly because C has been busy at the Olympic village getting her sports volunteer on and I’ve been busy applying for jobs… and getting jobs! yay! So…

Outfit: flippy 50’s blue

I find having my hair cut an ordeal – this is news to none of my friends who I’ve all bored with the 101 reasons I hate everything about trusting my locks to a complete and utter STRANGER.  Starting with…


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