Outfit: just add scarf

A very short outfit post from me today, written while a tad sleepy and silly on a nice big dose of Cocodamol that is currently doping a rather spectacular headache that seems to be in my entire face. (Laptop brightness…

Outfit: shifty denim

It’s Christmas, but in between all the lazing around and eating, there are places to go, people to see! So tonight, off out I go – and I thought I’d share my outfit with you… I needed something that was…

Outfit: yellow shoes ‘unexpectedly go with everything’

What women want, according to Caitlin Moran, is ‘a pair of yellow shoes because they unexpectedly go with everything’… To demonstrate this point, of which I am in full agreement, truly awful picture quality is coming up because I’m not…

Make-up: Nars Jungle Red vs Heat Wave

Sometimes when I buy a new shade of lipstick online, I like to know how it will compare to other colours, especially by the same brand. So this is a quick post to help anyone trying to decide which of…

Vintage style: she wore green velvet

At this time of year the magazines love their party dress features – but, I don’t know about you, most of the dresses are following the latest trends and flatter only about 1% of the population (the 16-18 year olds…

For the love of craft: Christmas crafting

I know, I know… I promised you a series of festive craft posts about a month ago and I didn’t keep my promise. (That’s me all over – ask CiCi!) But, I do have a few little snippets of what…


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