Vintage style: she wore green velvet

At this time of year the magazines love their party dress features – but, I don’t know about you, most of the dresses are following the latest trends and flatter only about 1% of the population (the 16-18 year olds…

For the love of craft: Christmas crafting

I know, I know… I promised you a series of festive craft posts about a month ago and I didn’t keep my promise. (That’s me all over – ask CiCi!) But, I do have a few little snippets of what…

Outfit: date night

This post could also have been titled ‘Can I turn everything in my life now into a blog post? Yes, yes I can.’ So, going on a date is probably the most taxing wardrobe exercise you can undertake… suddenly nothing…

Bake: Christmas Ginger Creams

This is a really simple idea for a Christmas treat. Decorate the ginger creams with dipped white chocolate and icing writing holly leaves, pop in cute bags with Christmas ribbon and boom – Christmas treats, done. What you will need:…

Outfit: beret good

I am keen to expand my hat collection this winter – in fact I think this every winter but fail at ever getting round to doing anything about it.  But saying this, I have one hat type already covered –…

Outfit: cape time

It’s getting pretty cold now… it’s difficult enough dressing for the outside, but I’m finding I need a whole other wardrobe of clothes to help combat the freezing temperatures inside my old terrace house.  Yes, even with the heating on…


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