Tea on a vintage train – the best afternoon tea in Cambridge?

Every now and then we venture out with the little one – often it ends in me being covered in copious amounts of vomit and returning swiftly home in a foul mood, but when it works, you get rose-tinted memories…

Outfit: nursing with Lindy Bop, part 2

Though it was a military operation to pull off, buoyed by the success of taking my first set of outfit photos post-baby for part 1 of my collaboration with Lindy Bop on breastfeeding-friendly styles, the next weekend we set out…

Outfit: nursing with Lindy Bop, part 1

Three months after giving birth, I’m back here dressing myself in something that isn’t maternity clothes – hurrah! But baby-influenced outfits aren’t quite at an end yet as these days I need to wear something I can easily breastfeed in.…

Beauty on a budget – what I save and splurge on

If there’s one thing that having a baby is going to have to teach me it’s how to budget. I have to return to work, and that means nursery costs – tip: if you’re thinking of having a child in…

Life right now – a month of Sadie Mae & the mum uniform

I had these romantic notions before I had a baby that nothing, not even a newborn, would stop me from writing this blog… hahahahahaha… ha! How naive you were, pre-mum CiCi. A month into being a slave to my tiny…

Sadie Mae

So, it’s been a little while since my last post and if you’ve been following along on Instagram you’ll know why – my pregnancy is finally over, hooray!! Meet Sadie Mae, who arrived into the world 6 days past her…


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