A wintry Cambridge and a 60s CiCi

Ever wondered what my little corner of the earth looks like in the winter? You’ve come to the right place. Cambridge is one of those cities that looks darn pretty at any time of the year and has a rather…

Outfit: caped crusader

It’s quite tricky finding a cape that will suit you if you’re petite all over… it’s fairly easy to look like you’re wearing something hilariously oversized and not at all stylish. I had a feeling the key was finding one…

Outfit: warming up winter

So, this side of Christmas is pretty rubbish for all of us stuck in winter, isn’t it? I forget, every year, how much hard work it is keeping up outfit posts when it’s cold outside. Yeah, yeah, first world problems…

Vintage Secrets: Hollywood Beauty by Laura Slater – book review

So, I do have a bit of a thing for this kind of book – the coffee table types that tackle different aspects of vintage style. I’m always hoping I’ll learn something I didn’t know, while enjoying some pretty pictures…

Outfit: winter blue

Notice I didn’t call this post ‘winter blues’? Er, partly it’s because I think I called a post this before (guilty), but also because this year I haven’t felt as down about the cold as usual. I think it’s because…

Outfit: cheeky Cheyenne (and how to take photos in the rain)

I’m getting right in there and starting the year with an outfit post! I thought about it, but actually I don’t really have the headspace for resolutions right now. Not now the wedding is just over five months away. Five…


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