Outfit: her name was Lulu

Sometimes you come across an item of clothing that isn’t really like what you normally wear but there’s something about it you still rather like. This dress, for me, was one such piece. I almost never wear head-to-toe black clothing…

5 years later

  I had no idea when this blog began on March 25 2012 that five years later I would be sitting here, still very much at it. I’ve never really stuck to any activity in my life besides eating a…

Outfit: everyday princess

I tried to resist that most cliche of fashion blogger cliches, I really did… but it happened in the end. I got a tulle skirt. I hope you don’t think less of me now… I promise, I still have original…

Outfit: snuggly leopard

I’m jumping around the seasons a bit at the moment, but I thought it seems a good time to wave goodbye to winter now as the weather seems to, fingers crossed, be moving into spring (yeah, I’ve just cursed us…

The perfect petticoat from Honeypie Boutique

‘Gone are the days I take outfit photos in my bedroom!’ she thought… Er, or not. But I’m not about to go wandering outside in a petticoat just for your viewing pleasure, my friends – it’s underwear, after all! It’s…

Outfit: lighthouse lovely

So, a side effect of planning a wedding at the seaside is that all I can think about is… the seaside. And red, white and blue. And beach huts and life rings and anchors… You get the idea, I’m nautically-minded…


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