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Bake: Christmas Ginger Creams

This is a really simple idea for a Christmas treat. Decorate the ginger creams with dipped white chocolate and icing writing holly leaves, pop in cute bags with Christmas ribbon and boom – Christmas treats, done. What you will need:…


For the love of craft: jam jars

It’s really not that long until Christmas, especially if you’re someone who likes to make all their presents (which can’t be done in a last minute rush on Christmas Eve). So over the next few weeks, I’m going to share…


Bake: Super massive chocolate birthday cake

Ok people, I’ve finally worked out why my thighs are so big. Everything I bake, I eat. There in lies the problem.  And this super massive chocolate birthday cake was no exception… but I only had two slices, I promise!…


Bake: Blueberry Drizzle Puff

Cici and I have been a little slow on the blog lately – mainly because C has been busy at the Olympic village getting her sports volunteer on and I’ve been busy applying for jobs… and getting jobs! yay! So…


Bake: Flourless peanut butter & choc chunk cookies

This is one for the celiacs. I’m not one, and I think I’d have a nervous breakdown if I was one because I am obsessed with cakes, cookies, brownies, bread – anything stodgy and floury basically. These yummy cookies are…


Styling 02: Port Eliot Festival

One of my most lovely and seriously hot friends loved my first styling post so much that she asked me to pick some outfit options for her to choose from to wear to Port Eliot Festival on 19 – 22 July.…


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