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Outfit: a maxi in Mauritius

So, it’s spring now apparently (and Easter – happy chocolate eating!). If someone could just tell the dreary weather, I’d appreciate it. Oh, what I’d give to be on a tropical beach right now. This winter has felt the hardest…


Vintage hair & makeup: buying and trying right now

Thought I’d try a different kind of post today, partly because it’s been too cold to take outfit photos again, but also because I’ve been trying out some bits and pieces you just might want to know about… Makeup As…


Outfit: the birds and the bumps

I feel like I’ve been disappointing you all with my solid lack of baby bump, but hopefully today I can right that wrong! I woke up one day last week and suddenly, the bump was there. Two days later, the…


Belly and bump-skimming vintage style dresses

First up, there’s not a maternity range item in sight here – mostly I’m not shopping from them as my bump isn’t big enough. And I also like the challenge and the idea that anyone wanting to flatter their tummies…


Outfit: lovely lilies

Ok, I’m now getting to the point where my clothes are not doing up as well as they used to… I don’t think there’s a pair of jeans in my cupboard that buttons and any skirts without elastic waistbands are…


Outfit: primary style

Finally, the weather has lifted a little round our way and we actually had some – gasp – sunshine! I mean, it’s still bloody cold, but it’s so much easier to deal with the cold when the sun’s out and…


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