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Outfit: the birds and the bumps

I feel like I’ve been disappointing you all with my solid lack of baby bump, but hopefully today I can right that wrong! I woke up one day last week and suddenly, the bump was there. Two days later, the…


Outfit: lovely lilies

Ok, I’m now getting to the point where my clothes are not doing up as well as they used to… I don’t think there’s a pair of jeans in my cupboard that buttons and any skirts without elastic waistbands are…


Outfit: primary style

Finally, the weather has lifted a little round our way and we actually had some – gasp – sunshine! I mean, it’s still bloody cold, but it’s so much easier to deal with the cold when the sun’s out and…


Outfit: the for-now capsule dress

Ok, confession, I bought my first item of maternity wear before I even got pregnant. I tried to talk myself out of it (as did others – it felt like tempting fate somehow), but I couldn’t help feeling I’d be…