Outfit: biker bunnies

And if that post title doesn’t grab you, I’m afraid nothing will…

So, I literally just wrote about how I’m finding my style again and yay me aren’t I clever and honestly… it’s gone! I’ve got no idea again. None. Zero. Zip. I wear an outfit for a day and I love it, but then I put the same thing on again and it’s absolutely 50-50 I might totally hate it. I don’t know if it’s my confidence, my styling, my face… yeah, something’s still off.

It reminded me why I loved blogging at the start – the satisfaction of seeing things I put together looking good in photographic proof was pretty rewarding. Turns out it still is now, I just don’t do it as often! I’ve always thought clothes can look different in a mirror to on camera and sometimes it’s possible to like it one way a lot more than the other. This dress was one of those.

In the mirror I thought ‘oh god, no, you’re over 30 why are you wearing large bunnies on your dress?! Mistake, mistake – abort abort!!’ – on camera, I think it’s awesome. I always like toning down cutesy with badass, and something about the knee-high boots and jackets works with bunnies to my eye. And the fit of the dress is so flattering when I take a step back and look at it properly! Which makes sense, as I have another 2 colourways of this popular Caterina style. I don’t wear my shape wear anymore (er, it doesn’t fit!), so any dress that can flatten my tummy and skim over everything else is a winner, frankly.

Er, I felt like I was building to a conclusion here, but I’m not… I think the conclusion might be I’m still working my new style out, but for now I’m enjoying the badass biker bunnies.

Scarf: Next (old)
Jacket: Collectif (last season’s)
Dress: c/o Collectif
Boots: Tu @ Sainsbury’s (old)

But if I can’t convince you to the merits of animal novelty-wear myself, how about on a one year old?? There is nothing better than the fact most of Sadie’s coats and jackets have ears. Nothing. 

She’s walking now (well, has been a little while in fact) and can say several words and it’s such a privilege to watch her grow up. And dress her. I might not love dressing myself as much these days but oh boy I LOVE dressing this little monster. Maybe she needs her own blog!

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