Outfit: still slytherin’

Hello! Yep, life with a one-year-old is pretty busy, but it was about time I popped back in with a new outfit, huh? While a lot of my outfits are more practical than they once were, I’m still me and I still have way more things that are too pretty and special for everyday use than I should, so I hope you’ll indulge me posing up a storm over here now and then to show them off!

Actually, though, this outfit isn’t one of those! I do wear a lot more trousers/pants than I did and weirdly one side effect of post-baby life is I’ve really gone off skirts. I didn’t see this one coming – but if I think about it it’s probably because a) none of my old ones fit anymore because my waist is bigger and b) my whole shape is different now and I just don’t feel like dressing it the same way. I am a whole dress size larger than I was, which really isn’t that much, but what I was more surprised about is the bigger hips.

Ok, ok, no I wasn’t surprised that if I got bigger they’d get bigger but let’s put it this way – proportionately speaking they got the largest. And sure, I had a baby in my pelvis not that long ago so it makes sense things have shifted around a bit! It’s an interesting one to dress, though. 

I tried a different pattern in these Hell Bunny cigarette pants about three years ago and I don’t think it was just that the style was cut differently then, they just looked bloomin’ awful on me. I completely lacked shape in them, my waist and hips were pretty rectangular. But, I thought, maybe now with my new shape they’ll look different…? And I really think they do – so hey, post-birth weight gain isn’t all that bad, as long as you learn to love it… or at least, that is what I’m trying to think, because it is hard letting go of a shape you were all your adult life, I can’t lie.

But anyway, I think these pants and this new top style are cute and bonus points – they totally make me think of Slytherin, so I couldn’t resist bringing out my satchel. When I styled this bag before it ended up becoming one of my favourite looks, and I love looking at the outfit objectively now, but I don’t think I’d wear it again.

And really, that’s ok.

Scarf: New Look (old)
Necklace: Amazon
Top: Philippa c/o Hell Bunny
Pants: Peebles cigarette trousers c/o Hell Bunny
Bag: Primark (still in stores now!)
Boots: B.A.I.T. Footwear (old)

Thought I’d throw in a picture of my shoot buddy 😉 She has so much hair now we have to actually manage it or it’s just in her eyes all day – and you all know I’ve been waiting for this moment since she was born…



  1. August 12, 2019 / 12:23 pm

    It’s a cracking outfit, and those cigarette pants are a really great fit on you. I think our tastes change over time anyway, regardless of whether our body shape changes. I definitely have an archive of things I’d never wear again!!

    You still look very much like ‘you’ to my eyes, but with the added bonus of a mini-you.

    • CiCi Marie
      August 12, 2019 / 12:40 pm

      😀 That is very true! And what I’ve found is nothing changes the person you are faster than creating a mini-you!! xx

  2. August 13, 2019 / 4:27 pm

    YES! THIS! Just because our bodies change (post-baby, or a weight change), it doesn’t mean it’s a bad thing and it’s a shame that society has made us all associate things like weight gain or body change with negativity. When I gained weight a couple of years ago (a gradual change over a year or two), it was an adjustment but to this day, I still give my weight gain credit – without it, I wouldn’t have an hourglass shape or the boobs I have today! Ha! So even though I had to adjust the sizes I was ordering and I’ve got this chubby belly/thighs, I was really quite all right with my new shape! All about perspective!

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