3 in 3! Easy vintage hair with a fake ponytail

When you’re running around after a 7-month-old who can barrel roll across the living room and under your sofa or sideboard in under 3 seconds all day (remind me again why all my furniture is on legs??), doing your hair probably isn’t your priority. I can promise you it really isn’t mine right now, and yet I’ve been told on multiple occasions on an average day looking after Sadie that I look very ‘glamorous’. This is always said in a tone of great wonder, because maybe the assumption is if you have a small child you can’t pull a brush through your hair? But as having a baby did not cause my arm to fall off, turns out I can – who’da thunk?

And if I can do that, I can take the extra 2 minutes it takes to tidy whatever birds nest I’ve woken up with into something I’d be happy to be seen among ‘normal’ people – the ones who don’t have dribble all over them. Er, not mine, I should add. I’m often asked about hair tutorials, particularly on Instagram, but the truth is it’s very unusual any of my hairstyles have taken me longer than 5 minutes even before the baby days, so I feel like a fraud. I assume that it’s pretty darn obvious what I’ve done. But, the questions still come so I thought I’d share my go-to new-mum ‘dos that genuinely each take under 3 minutes. And 1-2 of that is brushing the knots out of my hair. (Why do I get so many knots now? Is it the dribble??) Using fake hair is also a great option when you’re experiencing post-partum hair loss like most of us do, too…

I promise you, in all of these images all I’ve done is got up and brushed my hair and added some dry shampoo (I’ve mentioned my favourite type in case helpful below) to my fringe, the rest is all trickery…

The hair piece

Hershesons faux wavy ponytail extensions

I’d wanted to have a big, bouncy ponytail for years but it wasn’t until I got this hair piece from Hershesons (seen above) that it was actually a reality. It has a curl to the ends and lots of volume at the roots, which attaches with a crocodile clip that is curved to contour to the shape of your head. Very clever and comfortable, despite the fact it has a fair weight to it.

I’m wearing the colour Light Golden Brown and I’m amazed at the match – there’s many others though. It’s slightly lighter than my hair but actually my ends are generally lighter naturally, so it doesn’t look particularly fake. At £55 full RRP it’s not the cheapest and you can’t use heat on it, but Hershesons often have offers at key times of year – for Black Friday they were selling these at 50% off so I bought a spare, but e.g. at Valentines they had 20% off. Worth keeping an eye on their newsletter or eBay and Depop for secondhand. I actually have two of these now and my first one was like-new from Depop for £20.

The Bardot half do

Best for: day-old hair with a kink

When I posted a picture with this style on Instagram it blew up – I think everyone thought I’d laboured over the look all morning. Wrong! All I’ve done here is used the hairpiece on top of my head and to blend it in I’ve gathered the top sides of my hair up into my own half pony before slotting the extension over the top to add volume. My hair is exactly how I woke up, just brushed. If you don’t have any wave to your hair, or you’ve got a bad kink, you could just quickly roll straighteners through the ends for a curl to neaten things up – but really this look benefits from being a bit dishevelled.

Tip 1: if you sleep with your hair in a bun it’s more likely to have a wave/kinks like I’ve got here, which is exactly what I did. Tip 2: Adding a bow at the base of the extension really does amp up the 60s-Bardot vibe, as seen in this outfit.

The boulder bun

Best for: dirty hair with zero hope

Is that a lame name? That’s a lame name isn’t it… But that’s what it makes me think of, because it’s like a big round rock of a hair on top of your head. Er, not selling it – backtrack, backtrack!! Nope… still don’t have anything better I’m afraid.

Anyway, this style is great if your hair is Awful, but you don’t have time to wash it, because you literally sweep it into a small topknot and then completely cover it with the extension. Your own hair underneath will give it something to grip to and add volume and then you simply tuck the ends of the extension under itself (which with my particular one is easy because the ends curl and take well to this) and pin it like it’s your own bun. Blast your roots with some dry shampoo before you begin and people might even think you’ve – gasp – tried!

The bouncy pony

Best for: hair with old curls/waves or hair with no hope

Perhaps this is what this hair piece was most intended to do, but I actually don’t like it just plonked on my head like that. If you’ve got greasy roots, sometimes you just want to cover them up and adding a thick headscarf that can cover most of your head will do it (a big square rolled up is best as it can be adjusted for width). This hairpiece has the volume to still peak out over the top, so it looks super cute and retro together.

If you have old curls, brush them through and make a pony that you attach this one on top of and it will look super thick and bouncy. If you don’t and your hair is straight or has bad kinks, just tie or pin it into a small bun before you add the ponytail and it works just as great on its own as a shorter tail.

So really, that’s it! So easy I didn’t think it necessary to do a step-by-step guide to any of them, but if anyone would find that useful I’m open to doing a proper guide so let me know…

One last tip! Dry shampoo

I have tried many dry shampoos since having Sadie and the one I can’t live without is Batiste’s Dry Shampoo Heavenly Volume – it’s both useful for ridding you of grease and for spraying at the roots of hair; with a little bit of backcombing and this stuff you can create more structure or the appearance of thicker hair (I’ve been using this on my fringe which has got very thin and ‘gappy’ since hair loss). Very useful!

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