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Yeah, yeah, in my head this was sort of a ‘Valentines look’ – but actually I don’t look any damn different on Valentines Day to any other day, so… actually it’s just an outfit with a heart on it I love 😀 B and I exchange cards on Valentines Day, but that’s about as enthusiastic as we get about it. I was actually most excited to go to my weekly baby group, as they always have dress up stuff for the babies (aka the only reason I go) and I was hoping to realise my dream of turning Sadie into the little cherub Cupid she was born to be (she is such a wonderfully chubby baby) but to my horror they ignored it completely. Even though they made everyone wear Christmas outfits for a MONTH in December and Sadie was a reindeer no less than TWICE (when she wasn’t being an elf). They better have bunny ears for Easter or I’m writing a letter of complaint.

Ok, I’ve totally gone off on a tangent about babies again. Baby brain is a thing that starts in pregnancy and lasts until they’re 18, or maybe forever, I think? I mean, I never used to pay for my goods in a shop and then leave them firmly on the counter, but it’s an unusual day the checkout person doesn’t have to remind me what I came in for now. It’s a strange limbo world, being on maternity leave. My days revolve around another human’s eating and sleeping schedules. I’ll admit, when it started, I couldn’t stand it. Sadie was not an easy newborn; she had colic and breastfeeding was a nightmare, which is inconvenient when it’s all you do all day. I basically couldn’t go anywhere not least because she cried the absolute most in her carseat.

But, it’s quite different now. She’s a really happy baby on the whole. 6 months feels like a really nice age – she smiles, responds to her name, is endearingly obsessed with the dog (the feeling isn’t mutual – he tends to leave the room when she comes commando crawling over), and best of all loves me above everyone else because I’m the only one she’s ever giggled for. Result! So when I saw this jumper from Joanie Clothing, I took the slogan quite literally. Because really, I AM yours, little one. Maybe it’s Stockholm Syndrome, but whatever it is, I’d stay home every day for you. Well… most of them.

Maybe this look is a little different from my usual style – it’s got more of a 60s vibe to it, I guess. I am finding myself choosing quite different things lately. Partly it’s to navigate the world of needing to breastfeed in every outfit, partly it’s that my old swing skirts generally don’t fit and I’ve got a wardrobe full of things that make me unhappy because they’re so inaccessible right now. I think I’m associating my new shape I’m not so fond of with a different look. But otherwise… I think it’s just evolving, just as people do. Hopefully you’ll all want to stick around if it does 🙂

Bow: Alternate Normality
Coat: New Look (old)
Jumper: Katie c/o Joanie Clothing
Skirt: Colbert c/o Joanie Clothing
Boots: Tu @ Sainsbury’s (old)
Sadie’s pramsuit: Debenhams (check stores)

Seriously, she was BORN to be a Cupid #notbiased!


  1. February 20, 2019 / 2:12 pm

    You look fab! But not being able to fit into things is hard; I’m already wondering whether I’ll allow things to sit in the wardrobe for another year if they go unworn this summer. The 60s look is a good look for anyone with a thicker middle, I always feel (as is the 20s), and it’s my go-to vintage era nowadays.

  2. February 21, 2019 / 5:18 pm

    Oh my gosh, I love this mod-like look – especially this adorable pink mini skirt!!!

    Also, HOW DARE THEY IGNORE VALENTINES DAY!? Yeah, if there aren’t bunny ears and fake carrots a plenty, it needs to be ADDRESSED! 😉

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