Outfit: the cute, but slightly ironic dress

I first saw this Lindy Bop dress previewed in summer last year, and had been looking out for it ever since. I don’t wear tonnes of novelty prints these days, but every now and then one can still catch my eye – and for this one it was the great red-yellow-green colours that did it for me. I love having totally different pieces in my wardrobe. Add to that the super cute neckline and it was a winner.

But then it didn’t get released last year and that was oh so sad. But then here it was in summer 2018, and of course isn’t that just typical because I’ve chosen to be a whale this season and can’t wear most things from most repro brands… but wait! There’s an elastic waistband on this dress… and fully adjustable straps. It dawned on me this dress was totally appropriate for even my large 8-month bump because I could get the stretchy waistband to sit on top of my tummy. I had to watch out for the bust sizing though – I’m still not used to the expansion in that area and had to size up 2 sizes (check the guide) to accommodate it. The fabric doesn’t stretch so that was quite key. But bump room? There’s plenty!

And suddenly I had me a really cute maternity dress that I’ll hopefully be able to wear post-birth, although that might be up to my chest and how much it deflates (er, please deflate, chest). But why is this an ‘ironic’ dress? I can’t even look at a chilli right now! While I never ate anything mega hot, I love curries and preferably with a little bit of heat, but since about month 5 of this pregnancy the heartburn has put a total stop to that. It’s SO BAD. So that’s now rare steak, most cheesecake and curries I’ve had to avoid for months – what is the point of living?! (It’s a good thing I was already pretty intolerant of alcohol.)

Obviously, I jest. But I do love my food and tend to get pretty upset if B chooses to eat a cheesecake in front of me. Pregnant woman upset is a different level to non-pregnant woman upset, I find – as in I will literally cry for ten minutes because I can’t eat what I want to eat. And I really, really miss curry. The other thing I miss and can’t wait to be reunited with, though? My shoe collection. The shoes in these photos are one of approximately 4 pairs I can still get onto my huge, swollen feet. It doesn’t matter how much I rest with my legs up, being 8 months pregnant in summer I take one step out of bed and my feet inflate to x10 the size they were – it’s actually almost magical how fast it happens. This pair of shoes I nearly threw out because I couldn’t keep them on before – and now they’re slightly too tight… It’s all glamour over here. Weirdly my feet don’t look as huge in these photos as they were in real life (if B recoils in horror I know it’s a bad day) – but do bear in mind I had super narrow feet and ankles before!

Antonia chilli pepper swing dress by Lindy Bop review Antonia chilli pepper swing dress by Lindy Bop review Antonia chilli pepper swing dress by Lindy Bop review Antonia chilli pepper swing dress by Lindy Bop review Antonia chilli pepper swing dress by Lindy Bop review Antonia chilli pepper swing dress by Lindy Bop review Antonia chilli pepper swing dress by Lindy Bop review Antonia chilli pepper swing dress by Lindy Bop review Antonia chilli pepper swing dress by Lindy Bop review Antonia chilli pepper swing dress by Lindy Bop reviewEarrings: Desperate Beatnik
Dress: ‘Antonia’ c/o Lindy Bop
Shoes: BAIT via Zulily (currently available styles)


All this being said, I’m writing this as I turn 37 weeks – which is technically speaking full-term – today! So it could come tomorrow, or it could decide to take another 5 weeks of rib pain, overheating and giant feet… If I wasn’t so pregnant I’d be delighted with the lengthy heatwave the UK is currently experiencing, but I can’t believe this stroke of irony as it’s the first one I can remember happening in years. And what genius decided to get massively pregnant for peak summer? Oh.


  1. July 3, 2018 / 9:30 am

    What another great find on the non-maternity dress being perfect for a bump. It’s a very pretty style. You do the off-the-shoulder look well. I am sorry to hear about all the side effects you are experiencing, it sounds rubbish. I feel your pain on the swollen feet! My feet swell in summer even without a bump.

    You’re nearly there, hopefully these issues will all disappear in a puff of glitter when the stork delivers your baby!


    • CiCi Marie
      July 3, 2018 / 9:51 am

      I can’t actually wear this dress for long because my rib/chest issues are really agitated by underwire bras, so strapless bras are out… but it’s worth it for a few hours to be in a pretty dress!

      I’d never had swollen feet before, it was quite a shocker for me! They really do look like they belong to someone else now… xxx

  2. July 5, 2018 / 4:24 pm

    I love love LOVE this dress! What a cute and fun instant maternity look and yes, I do hope you are able to rock it once the baby comes because it looks LOVELY in the heat!

  3. July 6, 2018 / 4:13 am

    It’s such a cute dress on you! Though the irony of all is pretty rough! Hope you are able to get some good rest in this last stretch; although I swear I sleep just as badly before the baby arrives as after ~ like my body is trying to prepare for the shock… Thanks, body….

    bonita of Lavender & Twill

  4. July 11, 2018 / 10:52 pm

    What a fun and pretty look! It’s a shame you can’t enjoy eating your chilis, but at least you look cute in them.

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