How to grow longer eyelashes – LiLash serum review

LiLash growth serum review - get longer eyelashes naturally
So, my natural lashes… as lashes go, they could be a lot worse. With mascara, they’re alright really – I’ve had the odd compliment in the past. No one’s ever mistaken them for falsies though – so don’t get me wrong, they’re not that amazing. Being a falsie convert, I know I am going to be wearing them for the big day but what about all the not-so-big days and the days I don’t wear lashes at all (i.e. most of them)? Could they be naturally longer and fuller than they are? Can you grow better lashes?
The short answer to this question is: yes – get the right serum and you can improve your natural lashes. I’m going to tell you about the one I’ve been trying, which is the LiLash growth serum. LiLash claim that you will see growth in three months – I was a really good blogger and took photos of my lashes before I began and then exactly three months later.
You apply the serum daily and it goes onto clean skin just like liquid eyeliner (but transparent) and on the top lash line only. That’s really all there is to it – I didn’t miss a day although on a couple of occasions I did forget and have to do it the next morning. The pictures I’ve got for you here are showing you three things: 1) my natural lashes before the treatment 2) my natural lashes three months after the treatment and 3) my lashes three months after the treatment with mascara so that you can actually see them!!
So, here I am looking straight at you with my make-up less eyes. They’re not that big without liner, huh? I can’t say I’m thrilled to be sharing my dopey eyelids (one is definitely thicker, go figure) on the internet, but in the name of beauty and helping you lovely people…


LiLash serum review - before and after pictures
So now you can see why I had to add the mascara, right? My lashes are dark at the base but a good third or more at the end is blonde. I don’t know why, but it means they basically disappear in photos. You can sort of see in the second picture that there’s a bit more going on as my lash-line definitely looks a little thicker and you can actually see a couple of lashes (promise I didn’t have bald lids in the first photo), but the mascara shows what’s really going on here. My lashes at three months almost touch my eyebrows! In fact, when I look up, they do touch my eyebrows. It’s the main way I know there’s a difference, in fact, when I compared to a photo where I was looking up at Christmas and they were nowhere near them. The other way I know there’s a difference is that some of my lashes are longer than some of my false lashes!!
The difference is a little easier to see on my natural lashes when I’m looking down…


LiLash serum review - before and after pictures
Well, I did say a little easier… I think the main way you can tell is that in the second picture there’s more of a curve going on to my lashes. And again, with mascara, the difference is a bit more obvious although wouldn’t it have been helpful if I’d taken pictures with mascara before too? Yeah. Sorry about that. Not so good blogger.
Let’s look at them from the side…


LiLash serum review - before and after pictures
Ok, I don’t think I’m imagining that picture 2 vs picture 1 there is more lash going on. They look thicker here and the lash line darker as a result. You can sort of see it best if you concentrate on my right eye between the two pictures. Picture three, you can really see they look twice as long here – which isn’t true as in the first picture the ends are blonde, but there’s still a notable difference.
So, how much longer are my lashes now? I would estimate they’re an extra third-half longer. They haven’t doubled in size or anything extreme like that, but there is definitely a noticeable difference in length and I think thickness too, from these pictures. I hadn’t noticed the latter as much in real life but it is showing up in photos.
You’ll know I love pros and cons lists if you’ve read my reviews before, so here’s another one for you to summarise all of my other thoughts about the product I haven’t mentioned yet.
  • It. Does. Work. How often do these beauty products do what they say they will?
  • It’s totally painless and easy to work into your routine – I’ve not experienced any of the side effects they mention may happen either (like dark circles under the eyes – I already had those!)
  • I’d been going through a patch of my lashes falling out and I feel like far fewer fall out now, so my lashes are fuller as a result
  • The obvious one, but these are your lashes – the effects will last until the lashes naturally fall out
  • I can’t prove this yet, but I have read a lot that says that they continue improving after 3 months, so I’m crossing my fingers for that!
  • Expensive – a 3 month treatment is about £65 (with daily use it will start to run out just before this point). You also have to keep the treatment up or your lashes will go back to what they were before
  • If you have fair lashes you’ll still need mascara to see them, as I’m clearly demonstrating above
  • I wouldn’t say I have more lashes than I started out with, just that I’ve retained them better and they may be slightly thicker now
  • Weirdly, they’re definitely longer on one side. Turns out the same thing had happened to my mum too – we think it might be to do with applying at night and the side you sleep on…

So what do you think, at c.£20 per month would you give this a go?



  1. April 16, 2017 / 3:59 pm

    I had always wondered if these serums actually work. Fantastic to know that the investment is worth it. And I think the results on you are Amazing!!

    • April 16, 2017 / 4:14 pm

      For sure – I was totally sceptical until I saw the results on a friend of a friend who I'd met pre-treatment! I actually think the photos aren't doing my new lashes justice; I feel like they look longer in real life!

  2. April 16, 2017 / 9:06 pm

    Wow, I can literally see the difference. I was totally sold until you told me the price! I am challenged with both eyelashes and eyebrows and was really tempted. But £65? A friend of mine swears by Kelp tablets and they're a few quid. I just am not that bothered in the whole picture of bits of my face I'd like to 'fix' – I'd rather spend the money on a good wrinkle cream or something! xx

    • April 17, 2017 / 2:25 pm

      I have to admit I struggle with the idea that a natural remedy is going to have the kind of effect this nasty (although apparently safe!) chemical stuff does… It depends on your priorities doesn't it; I don't need to spend much on wrinkle fixes right now (and seem to get by with my preventative Boots cream and horrendously oily skin 😉 ), which frees up some cash for other beauty spends… But whether I'll keep this up past the wedding and honeymoon I'm not sure – I see the merit in investing for when you have a reason to look your best, but as a long-term spend I'll find it harder to justify, particularly if my circumstances were to change… xxx

  3. April 18, 2017 / 9:32 am

    Those really are epic lashes, I'm glad the treatment was worth the price! I have pretty meh lashes myself so I wouldn't mind a bit of this, and if I had the spare cash this would definitely be a beauty product I'd want to invest in. Although come to think of it I probably would forget to use it daily…so maybe not for me after all? Either way hell yeah to amazing lashes!

  4. April 20, 2017 / 10:59 pm

    The results are pretty impressive, but given the cost and the fact that you have to keep using it or the results go away, I'd probably rather just buy some really good mascara! Although admittedly, that first "after" photo with the mascara does have me considering it a bit…

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