Saturday, 31 October 2015

Happy Halloween from Daphne & Fred!

I am so excited to share, for the first time ever on this blog, a Halloween costume! And not just one costume, oh no, you get two as B agreed to do that ultimate of cringey things - a couple costume! I have absolutely nothing against Halloween, in fact I think it's rather fun, but this is the first time in years I've been doing something to celebrate it as parties don't come along too often these days...

I have zero talent in crafting so my costumes are always comprised of whatever I can buy for cheap mixed with whatever I already have lying around. Daphne is great for that as a lot of the component parts are easy to get hold of when singled out - eBay and Amazon amply provided. I did cut the wig to the right hairstyle too - worth noting I have no hairdressing skills! Fred was similarly simple and B managed to pull everything together at an even lower cost...

Fred & Daphne Scooby Doo homemade costumes

Daphne Scooby Doo homemade costume

Daphne Scooby Doo homemade costume

Fred Scooby Doo homemade costume

Fred Scooby Doo homemade costume

We definitely saw something spooky while we were in the wood...

Fred & Daphne Scooby Doo homemade costumes

Sorry, couldn't resist! No, we're not looking in quite the same direction - we weren't in any of the photos. This is, in fact, just like real life - I'll tell B to look at something and he'll always, always look in the opposite direction to the one I'm clearly staring in. So, yeah, it's kinda fitting.

And while I'm on the subject of Halloween, Jessica (Chronically Vintage) recently tagged me to answer some Halloween questions. I don't usually do these tag things as they never fit well with my plans, but this one serves as a good little introduction to my thoughts on Halloween. So as it's the first time I've ever discussed it here, why not!

Favourite Halloween song?
This is an easy one: I Put a Spell on You - Screamin' Jay Hawkins. How can you resist a song interspersed with spooky little laughs? Plus, every time I hear it I picture a cast of Halloween characters dancing a creepy waltz; so for that reason, it has to be my #1. True story: I've tried and failed to convince B that this should be our first dance if we get married. Perhaps that's why he hasn't asked me...

Witches or vampires?
Is this where I confess I've read and enjoyed all of the Twilight novels and would quite like a beautiful, sparkly man of my own to be undead with now? No? Good, wouldn't want the internet knowing that. Glittering vampires aside, I have to root for witches because girl power. Saving many a lady's neck for last minute costumes for decades too.

Favourite thing about Halloween?
That it's a plausible reason to dress up and a rare time when I'm not the most overdressed person in the room. The more effort you put in, the more adoration you get, in fact! Is it a surprise to anyone that my love of Halloween is firmly connected to my love of wearing stuff? Didn't think so... Also, my inner goth - the one who used to wear skeletons dangling from her ears just for fun - quite likes the spooky stuff.

Halloween party or scary movie marathon?
I'm usually the last person to choose a social gathering over a chance to hole myself up in front of a tv, but actually I will embrace my social awkwardness for the sake of dressing up. And the great thing is that costumes are not only fun, but they give you something to talk about at parties too - therefore minimising the risk of awkward small-talk as much as is ever possible at gatherings... And also, I just don't find scary movies scary, they mostly bore me. Which is ironic as I'm scared of everything else in life.

Skeletons or zombies?
Skeletons - zombies are just that bit too gross for me. Warm Bodies (the book) almost made me come round to them, but B's gotten really into a zombie game lately and I've seen enough rotting bodies now to completely put me off the idea again. 

Favourite Halloween candy?
Despite being obsessed with chocolate, I don't really like sweets (which I'm guessing is what's meant by candy here). This country doesn't really have special halloween sweets either, unless you count the odd bag of themed Haribo. Jessica mentioned candy apples though, so I'm going to say chocolate-coated apples, as you can only buy these at Halloween and it's the only way to get me to eat an apple (I hate them).

Favourite Halloween movie?
This might be controversial, but I think Nightmare Before Christmas is equal parts Halloween and Christmas movie and it's also one of my favourite films of all time. I was (morbidly?) obsessed with it as a child. Also, as mentioned, your average scary movie doesn't do much for me.

Favourite Halloween costume?
This year's is by far my favourite and the first time I've dressed for this occasion in a long time. But if I expand this to account for all costumes, I did do a great Cleopatra earlier this year. Utterly failed to get a full-length photo - kicking myself for that.

Jack-o-lanterns, yes or no?
Yes, definitely. But I prefer being creative director to carver - i.e. I will happily choose a pattern, but hope someone else will carve it for me... Maybe that's why B hasn't let me have a pumpkin this year ;)

Bats of black cats?
The internet's going to hate me for this, but I'm really not a cat person at all. I'm sorry!! I hope my love of dogs redeems me a little... 1 out of 2 ain't bad. Bats, though, I find impossibly cute.

Is Halloween your favourite holiday?
No, Christmas has to come first because there's a bigger variety of food involved and the celebrating tends to extend up until New Year's Eve. If Halloween was a bigger deal in this country it would easily be my second favourite, but most years it just falls off my radar unfortunately... Bonfire night 5 days later is celebrated more and is also my half birthday... so, y'know, would be rude not to love it right? Halloween is third though :)

Pumpkin spice latte or hot chocolate?
This has to be a cultural thing - seasonal pumpkin stuff has only really come to the UK in the last few years and I'm sorry folks, I just don't get it. Every year I try to eat pumpkin-flavoured something and then I remember I don't like the taste at all! Maybe you need to be brought up on it... Hot chocolate, though - it's for life, not just Halloween.

I won't tag anyone else as I'm far too late for that anyway!

Hope you've enjoyed this special spooky post - Happy Halloween!

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Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Invisalign results - was it all worth it?

I can hardly believe it, but my Invisalign treatment is finally over! Due to the fact I stopped and started (as my first dental practice went backrupt!), I've had braces for over 2.5 years - in fact, B had only known me for a few weeks when I first got them. So he's had to put up with nearly 3 years of me dragging them out of my mouth - slobber an' all - at every mealtime. Including our first dates. I would imagine, for that reason, that he might even be more delighted than me that it's finished now (...and he loves drool?).

So, ta da! Here are my brand new teeth!

CiCi Marie Invisalign treatment - final results

When I started my treatment, I didn't have anything other than my iPhone camera (it was THAT long ago), and I had no idea how to work with lighting, so the only images I've got for a 'before' picture are so dreadful you can barely even see the teeth in them - which perhaps was the idea, now that I think of it. So you'll have to take my word for it that they've come a long way... and remind yourselves of what they looked like halfway through the treatment...

CiCi Marie Invisalign treatment - halfway results

The top teeth were always, at best, 'characterful' (they're actually nearly straight in the above as they didn't take long to fix - before anyone says they weren't that bad!), while the bottom teeth, even midway through, were... not. Let's just go with 'not'. But gone are those days!

CiCi Marie Invisalign treatment - final results

CiCi Marie Invisalign treatment - final results

So, the big question: was over two years and a lot of money worth it? This time last year, almost to the day, I wrote a post about some of the more annoying things that Invisalign treatment brings that no one tells you about. I can now add a few more to that, having reached the end:
  1. I had to have 8 more sets of aligners than I was originally told I'd have (4 more months of treatment), because one tooth - one tooth - hadn't moved into line. It basically didn't move at all and I couldn't stand the thought of just leaving it there, while its straight brothers and sisters were all smugly in alignment, laughing at it (they were). So I signed up to finish what I started, although I had the option not to (I'm a perfectionist, this is about to become a theme)
  2. I got a bit lazy with the constant tooth-brushing and took to skipping it after cups of tea (I'm English and my nearest bathroom at work is up a flight of stairs, what can I say). After several months of this, I ended up with two noticeably stained teeth. They've now been corrected as my package included whitening, but let that be a word of warning - don't skip brushing!
  3. My 'attachments' have now all been filed off - but note that's filed off and not 'taken' off (they can't be taken off)... On some teeth I can still see the edges of where the plastic was, and that really irritates me! I am a massive perfectionist, mind you and no one else can even see it (but I know they're there...)
  4. I've not been wearing the braces daily for just over a week and my teeth are having a grand old time moving about - some days they've moved so much they've started aching and I've had to really force the braces back on and night. I'm told this will settle down and if I reduce the gap I have them out it won't be as bad and it will stop eventually... But that's kinda hard to do when you get up at 5:30am
  5. One of my teeth - unsurprisingly enough the one that didn't move - didn't grow through straight to start with, so even though it's now aligned correctly, it still looks wonky. This really upset me at first, but B made a very good point that what I have now is natural perfection and unless I want veneers (I really don't), this is what that looks like. And also, stop being such a massive perfectionist because it's ruining your life (he didn't exactly say that, but it was strongly implied)
  6. You wear retainers every night for life. Yes, FOR LIFE. And if you don't, don't be surprised if you can't get your retainers back on again one day and then bam! Lots and lots of money down the drain...
But, all this being said...

CiCi Marie Invisalign treatment - final results

It was totally, utterly 100% worth it for me. All of the minor inconveniences and added time resulted in teeth I am finally not embarrassed about - it feels like nothing in comparison! Doesn't that smile say it all? That toothy, slightly crazed smile...

... So yes, I've got to get used to actually smiling properly on camera. When you've been constantly smiling with your lips firmly closed for nearly 30 years, it's quite hard to break the habit of a lifetime. I can't even bring myself to tell you how long taking the photos for this post took, but I will tell you that when I try to smile naturally, it generally looks like someone's just kicked me in the knee out of shot and I'm pretending I haven't noticed.

I'll get there. This is one of the best things I've ever done for myself and I'm so thankful I could. Also it's one of my 2014 new year resolutions ticked off. Yes, I'm still counting, even if no one else is. It means the fact I'm about to utterly fail 2015's sewing one feel slightly less bad...

If anyone has any questions about the treatment, I'm more than willing to answer them!

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Thursday, 22 October 2015

Outfit: green, gold and a lot of luck (winter wedding outfit b)

Contrary to how it looks (I know how it looks!!) I don't actually go around buying loads of occassionwear so that I end up with multiple choices every time a surprise wedding comes along. Although, now I'm wondering if I should... Anyway, sometimes these days I end up with pretty dresses that are a bit too much for daywear because I'm given them to feature here (amazing), but actually that wasn't how I ended up with this particular one - this dress's story is even better than that; I won it. 

In fact, I won a £100 voucher from Black Amore as part of the British Belles Pinup Picnic charity raffle in the summer. Let me be clear about something: I never win anything. Not since the time when I was about seven when I won a Duck Tales cuddly toy from a radio phone-in - but note I didn't make that call, or even give the answer on the phone (too terrified); really we could say my dad won that prize rather than me. So winning that voucher was the best kind of totally unexpected surprise! I immediately began puzzling over what I should spend it on, naturally - a prize voucher is only as good as the prizes it buys. Originally, I'd picked out a bunch of practical separates that I could wear any day. But I saw this dress. And I couldn't stop thinking about this dress. And then I thought this is essentially a windfall I wasn't planning for, so why don't I buy something truly frivolous and special so I'll have something to keep forever and remind me of my random good luck every time I wear it? (And also some separates, as I had money left over ;) Hard to break a habit of a lifetime...)

So here we are. I adore this dress. It makes me feel like a total vixen. It hugs in all the right places, the ruching helps cover my not-flat-even-with-cincher tummy and the neckline is sensational. I didn't even get it altered - it fit like a glove from the word go. Such a stunning dress needed some dramatic accessories and once I'd seen this gorgeous clutch by Vendula London I couldn't get the idea of gold with green out of my mind. So then came my second piece of luck when Vendula offered to send one my way! Having already added one Vendula bag to my collection recently, I was pleased to find this one is also great quality and has that dose of quirk I can't resist. And the velvet on it perfectly matches the flocked polka dots on this dress.

If that wasn't all enough, we found the most amazing golden-green leaves in a secluded part of a university college grounds with not a single other soul around (aka fashion blogger jackpot) and really by this point I'm just the luckiest girl in the world, right?!

Voodoo Vixen Selena wiggle dress in mint green review, with Vendula London New York Lights clutch bag

Voodoo Vixen Selena wiggle dress in green with fluffy black shrug and fascinator

Vendula London New York Lights evening clutch bag

Voodoo Vixen Selena wiggle dress in mint green review, with Vendula London New York Lights clutch bag

Burlesque style fascinator hat with feather

Voodoo Vixen Selena wiggle dress + Vendula London New York Lights evening clutch bag

Voodoo Vixen Selena wiggle dress in green with fluffy black shrug and fascinator

Voodoo Vixen Selena wiggle dress in mint green review, with Vendula London New York Lights clutch bag

Burlesque style fascinator hat with feather

Voodoo Vixen Selena wiggle dress in green with fluffy black shrug and fascinator

Voodoo Vixen Selena wiggle dress + Vendula London New York Lights evening clutch bag

Voodoo Vixen Selena wiggle dress in mint green review, with Vendula London New York Lights clutch bag
Fascinator: eBay
Necklace: RosieMays @ Etsy
Shrug (above): Monsoon (old)
Dress: Voodoo Vixen via Black Amore
Shoes: Next (similar)

I could, in fact be even luckier still, as I may get to go to New York soon. I've never been, but this skyline clutch was almost like an omen of this amazing opportunity... 2015 has been a pretty good year for me so far and wouldn't that just be the icing on the cake?? 

Ok, I'm sure you'd all like me to stop at this point, so the only thing left to say is, which should it be - outfit a (here) or b? And could they be more different!

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Sunday, 18 October 2015

The 15 vintage style blogs you should be following

Never in my time of writing this blog have I ever dedicated a post to some of the fabulous ladies I follow avidly online - in one particular case, for getting on towards ten years! I read blogs constantly and they're a huge source of style inspiration for me. I pretty much don't read fashion magazines these days (after being obsessed with them in my youth) and I really don't miss them - real-life blogger looks are much exciting to me than some outfit that costs £1k+ and doesn't even look good on the model. My style has changed so much over the last few years - for the better, I think - and I know I have many other bloggers to thank for that, not only for sparking my imagination, but in many cases for their support and kind words that cheer me on.

So here's my thank you to some of the ladies who've been inspiring me for the longest - and the odd one or two I've stumbled on more recently who I've already obsessively read every post of. If you like vintage style, you should be reading these blogs, in my opinion! Needless to say 15 is a somewhat arbitrary number and there's yet more blogs I read out there - the internet is full of amazing women, it seems. But if this post had become much longer the only one who would have read it was me, which wasn't really the idea ;)

Some of my regular readers will probably be aware of all or most of those I've featured here, but even if that's the case I hope you all enjoy seeing them in one place like I do! Don't they all look gorgeous together?

Ok, so I definitely have mentioned I'm a ginormous fan of Ulrika's - if there was a club, I'd probably be the president. You've probably guessed, but she's the lady I've been following online forever. I've adored seeing her style evolve and I never, ever tire of her posts. Not only is she a vintage style guru, she's involved in the burlesque scene in Finland and I love seeing all of her glitzy outfits and learning about what showgirl life is like. Her home decor is something to be admired too. She's also the reason I've developed a beret obsession, in case you ever wondered where that came from.

Why you should follow her: classic, feminine style from a whole variety of decades, using a mixture of vintage, repro, modern and self-made pieces. To me, she is the ultimate vintage trend-setter! 

Amber - Forever Amber

Like me, Amber is very much influenced by vintage shapes in her everyday wear, but also like me, she is never seen in head-to-toe vintage and favours modern and repro clothes. I find Amber a huge inspiration in how she puts touches of vintage into outfits and I love the simple elegance of many of her looks. No, her looks usually aren't vintage authentic, but she offers many lessons about working classic style into your wardrobe in a more subtle way. She's also in the UK, in an even colder, windier part, if you'll believe that from my weather ranting - and weather misery loves company...

Why you should follow her: if you love a 50s-style skirt - and who doesn't? - you probably already do follow her and if not, that's a huge oversight that should be corrected immediately! Amber is also a very funny, talented writer and even if swing skirts aren't your thing, it's impossible not to become completely absorbed in her posts. I've snorted with laughter at my office desk many a lunchbreak...

Nora - Nora Finds

© Justin Lee for Nora Finds

Ah, Nora. The smiliest blogger I know! Apart from how radiantly happy Nora looks in every photo, I love her blog because I can't fault her impeccable taste in vintage dresses, nor how she styles them. One of the more 'authentic vintage' bloggers on this list, her looks will always have you swooning. She's also flying the flag for pixie crops everywhere, so you've got to love that. I'm all for diversity in the vintage hair game!

Why you should follow her: gorgeous, authentic vintage outfits in all the colours of the rainbow, shot in beautiful locations. Nora's posts are always a treat for the eye! She's also been posting helpful tutorial-type videos recently, and if you're a newcomer to the vintage look you should especially take a look.

Porcelina - Porcelina's World

Porcelina is one of my oldest blogger friends and a natural beauty who looks great in everything, it always seems to me. I had the pleasure of meeting her earlier this year and she was a complete doll in person too - she even gave me a little goodie bag just because. As well as being an all-round lovely person I'm grateful has come into my life, she's also got a fab sense of style and isn't afraid to try new things out. She also gets to wear all the things I can't wear as a shorty, so I like to live vicariously through her. Or occasionally we own the same thing and it looks like full-length trousers on me and capris on her (yes, that really happened)!

Why you should follow her: a tall Welsh rose, you'll see stunning backdrops and a real mix of vintage inspired outfits. Porcelina mixes vintage with modern and repro and she is the Queen of Thrift - I'm always amazed by her finds!

© Tony Cangiano

Oh, Jessica, where do I even start when trying to explain what an inspiration you are to so many ladies wanting to embrace vintage style! I would imagine many of my readers have come across Jessica before and if you haven't, you must go and read her blog immediately because she is The Oracle on vintage style, as far as I'm concerned. Jessica's outfits are works of art - immaculately constructed and always original. She's also one of the nicest people I know and someone I'm truly proud to count among the friends I've made while running this little blog.

Why you should follow her: Jessica is a true vintage fashionista - largely wearing authentic pieces - and her colour matching is second to none. Outfits are only one small part of what she blogs about too - she is a veritable wealth of information on vintage. There's a reason her blog is so popular, go follow it at once if you're not already.

The beautiful Harlow will have you swooning over every single one of her gorgeous, girly outfits and stunning photography. She kicks off my Australian contingency here - the next two bloggers are also living in much sunnier climes than I am, and have me green with envy when I see them wearing summer dresses in winter (and by that I mean their winter, which is warmer than my summer)! Harlow pretty much exclusively wears reproduction items, largely of the 40s and 50s variety, with the occasional 30s thrown in and I honestly don't think it's possible for anything to look bad on her!

Why you should follow her: just take a look at any one of her blog posts and you'll want to see more! And then you'll want to be her. For summer outfit inspiration of the pretty 50s sundress variety, Harlow's your lady (she's also been rocking casual looks lately too).

I can't express how much I adore Kayla's playful sense of style - one week she'll be wearing a jumpsuit with a dog print on it, the next she'll be in a stunning silk gown. She's had some of my favourite 'bit different' looks recently - her outfits are mostly 40s and 50s flavoured, but she's been featuring some great 60s looks lately too and the odd 20s. Also, she's got fabulous blonde curls and her dogs are often popping up in photos - and we all know how I feel about dogs.

Why you should follow her: if you love the seaside, for a start, you'll love Kayla's nautical looks, of which there's many and they're always picture perfect. For seeing a range of repro with the occasional piece of vintage being worn in many fun ways, under beautiful sunny skies, head over to Kayla's blog right away!

Bonita is the epitome of feminine vintage style and you'll most often find her blogging outfits comprised of vintage and/or self-made pieces, with the odd piece of repro thrown in. Her elegant outfits are always beautifully shot too - I will probably never forget the post this photo is from because it was visually so gorgeous (despite just being on a regular ol' bridge), with Bonita the icing on the cake! 

Why you should follow her: not only does this lady post to-die-for vintage looks, but she also often shares tutorials on making accessories. I have zero skill (or patience) in the crafting department, but if you do you should definitely look up Bonita's guides.

Modern June Cleaver + Amelia Jetson - Junebugs and Georgia Peaches

Now for our first trip across the pond to the US and to these two cuties, known online as June and Amelia. I have such admiration for these ladies - they never have a hair out of place; and the hair itself is always particularly fabulous (case in point, above). Their outfits are meticulously co-ordinated and I say that with the utmost respect - I love a good bit of colour matching, as you all know. I find it hard enough to schedule in my own blog posts, so how they manage this joint effort not living particularly near to each other I've no idea - and it really adds something unique to their gorgeous posts.

Why you should follow them: what's particularly great is seeing how the same brand and similar pieces look on each of them - as June is very petite and Amelia is tall, and they usually both wear pieces by the same label. They do a lot of work with various repro brands and have their finger on the pulse of their latest offerings as a result, so you'll often see things on your wishlist on them first.

Jessica - Zella Maybe

I can never guess what Jessica will be wearing next and I love that about her sense of style. She has so much fun with fashion and I really admire how she embraces so many different trends and makes them her own. Or sometimes posts quirky looks just for the fun of it. She uses a mix of vintage and modern, and she's always experimenting with creative poses, which make her posts such a visual joy!

Why you should follow her: Jessica is quite the style pioneer and her fashion-shoot outfit posts are fun and inspiring. Follow her for a bit of creative genius in action!

Emileigh - Flashback Summer

I don't wear a lot of vintage styles earlier than the 50s myself, but that doesn't mean I don't love to see those who do, like the lovely Emileigh. Typically favouring more around the 40s and 30s mark, her authentic looks are largely drawn from vintage and her self-made pieces. She is a very talented seamstress and I watched in awe recently as she revived and revamped a particularly delicate piece in a way I would never dream was possible!

Why you should follow her: another petite lady like myself, she's inspiring for us shorter ladies and for anyone who wants to recreate looks pre-dating the 50s. She also writes more thought-provoking posts, like a recent one on why vintage is so 'white'...

Back to my neck of the woods now, I've got three English roses for you, starting with Helen here. I love Helen's style - you can see the care she puts into her outfits, which tend to be 40s and 50s looks, although she's also been throwing some steampunk in recently, if that floats your boat! Helen is one of those real classic beauties and clearly the rest of the world has noticed too, as you'll often see some of her vintage modelling photos on her blog.

Why you should follow her: I think Helen is a great example of working vintage into your everyday wardrobe, like the above, and I often find myself coming away with ideas of things I want to try after reading her posts. Like the other ladies I've featured here, her photography is also always top quality, so you're in for another visual treat!

Amy is a gorgeous lady, flying the flag for pin-ups and having curves in all the right places everywhere. As she's also in the UK, I particularly enjoy Amy's outfits because they're usually new buys that I can quickly snap up myself. Amy gives very thorough reviews of the clothes she wears on the blog and is full of advice for budding pin-ups, along with make-up reviews too. And if all of that wasn't enough, either she or one of her fellow British Belles gave me paracetamol at London Edge earlier in the year (er Porcelina asked for me, as I'm a massive introvert, which is why I don't know who it was!).

Why you should follow her: to find out how lots of repro fits and enjoy seeing Amy showing it all off and to benefit from her straight-talking reviews and advice. She's a fount of knowledge for glamorous vintage style.

Amber - Atomic Amber

Amber is also a British Belle and, also like Amy, I found her on Instagram first and fell in love with her cute, happy photos showcasing her awesome (mostly) 50s/pin-up style.  Her blog is an extension of these photos in some respects and also much more besides, as you'll find oodles of style tips among her gorgeous outfits. As well as featuring our usual favourite repro brands, you'll see advice on how to pick up things on the cheap, particularly if you're also living in the UK.

Why you should follow her: again, you'll get even more advice on how repro fits from Amber's blog and oodles of information on where to pick up cute retro buys for less. She's also been rocking some great maternity looks lately and I'm storing lots of style ideas in case I need some inspiration in years to come! 

Amanda's blog is a newer one I've added to my must-read list recently, as she's only been blogging since earlier this year. It took me approximately 30 seconds to fall completely in love with her - not only is she petite like me, she's got a cracking sense of style and talent to boot, as she incorporates her hand-sewn pieces into her outfit posts. In the picture above, for example, she made the crop top. Consequently, her outfits are always unique and usually full of life and colour and I adore everything she does, not least because she's a somewhat similar size to me!

Why you should follow her: Amanda is definitely one to watch and full of fashion surprises - including the most adorable matching homemade couple outfits. Also, her home is to die for. I challenge you not to love her too!

So there we have it, 15 of my favourite blogs and I hope you all do/will love them as much as I do! And if you're a vintage style blogger and you want to leave your details in the comments, please do - I'm always looking for new reads :)

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Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Outfit: pleasing my inner Audrey (winter wedding option a)

So, here's something I wasn't expecting... another wedding next month! It's the best possible kind of news to have short notice on in every respect (particularly as it's good friends of ours), but I did of course go into outfit meltdown. What can I say, I'm a fashion blogger and a massive worrier. Anyway, after an initial 'but I have nothing to wear!' panic, I've got a grip and thought it through... and true to form I've over-planned and have two whole outfits I could wear. So it's time for another wedding outfit option a and b! This time: winter edition (if you're interested, here's summer: a, b).

This is the first winter wedding I've ever attended, in fact. I'm quite excited about dressing for it because darker colours feel more appropriate than they perhaps are for summer weddings, where the dresses are all 'look at how bright and summery and cheerful I am'. I'd all but forgotten how classy black can look in occassionwear... but there's a part of me that wants to look like Audrey Hepburn all the time and she sure hadn't forgotten. (I can't be the only woman who has one of those, right?!) I feel like this look has a definite touch of the Audrey about it with the simple shapes, monochrome(ish) stripes and big 'do (yes, I've come round to the hair donut).

This dress is clearly a modern dress, but the shape, with the little mock crop top on top, reminded me of how ladies did wear crop tops over their shifts (like this). It's the epitome of the kind of modern clothing I love to wear - classic, but with something extra about it. This is the first Coast dress I've owned and yes the quality is excellent, but like nearly every brand it didn't fit without alterations because I'm both petite and curvy. So, I had the waist and hips taken in for a closer fit, as this time my bust won the dress-fit lottery, meaning nothing else did. I'm quite impressed, though, that despite the fact it's now a close fit as it should be, the lining and the way it's been cut mean it's still skimming my bumps and is very flattering. So, this is quality, huh? I did leave the length as it is, which means it's not on the knee as it should be, but B thinks I look tall(er) in this outfit so if it ain't broke... Oh and it's hard to see in the photos, but the alternating stripes are a very pale blush pink - very pretty. Anyway, I feel like this is a dress that could be dressed for a number of occasions, but I'm really quite pleased with this slightly romantic wedding look. 

Did I say slightly romantic? I lied, I stuck a great big heart bag on it. And a bow. Well, it is for a wedding, after all...

Coast Prena dress styled 60s for a winter wedding

Coast Prena dress and Skinnydip London heart bag

Coast Prena dress styled 60s for a winter wedding

Coast Prena dress worn with 60s style up-do

Coast Prena dress styled 60s for a winter wedding

Back of the Coast Prena dress worn with 60s style up-do

60s style big bun up-do with large ribbon bow

Coast Prena dress and Skinnydip London heart bag

Coast Prena dress styled 60s for a winter wedding

Coast Prena dress styled 60s for a winter wedding
Hair bow: eBay
Dress: c/o Coast ('Prena')
Shoes: ASOS (all available colours)

Actually, you probably could wear this for the summer too, but I'd probably always go for something brighter and lighter then... Stay tuned for outfit b coming soon! There'll be more black, gold and a feather...

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