Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Outfit: rockabilly girl about town

Did I ever mention I love denim? And leopard print? Good. Because I do - especially together.

Which brings me to this outfit. I love a good denim pencil skirt. Unfortunately a good denim pencil skirt I don't yet have - what I've got is very cheap ones, like this one. You can tell it's cheap - look at all them creases! It rides up like no one's business, too. But when I'm not grappling with keeping the hem down, it's the ideal colour and shape for me, so it gets to be in some photos today.

As does this leopard print top, which isn't a top - it's actually a mini-dress. It was one that was gifted to me as it shrunk in the wash - and if there's one thing petite girls can benefit from, it's washing shrinkage. Honestly, this dress is such a perfect fit it makes me wonder if I should try to shrink everything I own... but we all know that would end in tears.

Anyway, dark denim and bold leopard print like this always makes me think of rockabilly style and this was a comfy, practical (for me) outfit I wore when walking about pretty Ely recently. Ely is actually a very small city because it has a cathedral, but that didn't have quite the same ring for the title of this post! B and I love Ely and would happily live there, but it's just too far for me to get to work every day. True story: we went on a ghost hunt to find Oliver Cromwell's ghost in his old house there at the start of the year.

Casual rockabilly - leopard print blouse, denim pencil skirt, yellow ankle strap shoes and ponytail

Catseye glasses, leopard print top, denim pencil skirt

Leopard print blouse and Tatty Devine name necklace

Casual rockabilly - leopard print blouse, denim pencil skirt, yellow ankle strap shoes and ponytail

Catseye glasses, leopard print blouse and Tatty Devine name necklace

50s style curly ponytail with hair ribbon

Rockabilly look - ponytail, leopard print top, denim pencil skirt

Casual rockabilly - leopard print blouse, denim pencil skirt, yellow ankle strap shoes and ponytail
Hair ribbon: ASOS (old)
Necklace (custom made): Tatty Devine
Top (dress worn as): Topshop (old)
Skirt: (currently on sale) Forever 21
Bag: Warehouse (similar)
Shoes: Clarks 'Serin Sing' (check eBay)

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Thursday, 24 September 2015

Vintage Hairstyles: Simple Steps for Retro Hair with a Modern Twist

Yeah, you wait three years for a book review and then two come along at once - ain't that always the way?

Ok, so none of you were waiting for a book review in the first place, but you do get two at once - and both are on vintage hairstyle books, at that. While the first one, however, was very much not for the beginner as it was about elaborate formal 'dos, this one is at the other end of the scale - entry level, if you will. If I had to label myself, I'd be hovering somewhere between absolute novice and intermediate... I can do a victory roll - after several attempts and a lot of swearing. A lot of what I do with my hair, though, is fluke and requires c.50 bobby pins/kirby grips to stay in place, so I was keen to go back to basics and learn better ways to do things and hopefully pick up some new techniques too, and that's certainly where this new book came in handy.

Vintage Hairstyles: Simple Steps for Retro Hair with a Modern Twist review

I'd definitely say it's pitched at the beginner - along with all the hairstyles, there's also historical context explaining the fashions, hats etc of different eras. That was nothing I didn't already know, but I could forgive the book that because I can accept it's not really aimed at me and no one's making me read it, right?! What I really like about it is that nothing in this book is all that technical as it uses quite basic skills and tools most people have. However, if, like me, you're hopeless at getting curls with straighteners, you're going to find it annoying how many times it advises you do that! (Seriously, has anyone managed to master the art of turning the straighteners 360 degrees without losing a finger?) Generally, though, when instructions for a hair style fit on 1-2 pages with c.4 steps on each page, you know it's not going to be too difficult to do and I'm personally more inclined to give it a go.

Vintage Hairstyles: Simple Steps for Retro Hair with a Modern Twist review

I did find there was surprising extra info in this book, though - for example, the section on makeup. It goes into detail about brow shapes, lip shapes, what colour nail polishes each era liked... Again, I knew all this stuff and I couldn't figure out what it was doing in a book about hair, but probably a nice touch for those new to vintage style. There's also a section about making things for your hair e.g. hair flowers, pillbox hat, little fascinator, which I thought was more in-keeping and a nice idea. I did feel a bit misled by the 'modern twist' promise of the title though. Apart from one particular style I'm about to mention, most of the looks in this book are quite classic, as far as I'm concerned, finger waves, gibson roll, chignons etc. Perhaps the modern twist is more referencing the modern methods taken to achieve them... Actually, lightbulb moment, of course it is! But anyway, I was hoping for a bit more diversity than I got. Perhaps I'm being greedy and I might also want something no one else does!

Vintage Hairstyles: Simple Steps for Retro Hair with a Modern Twist review

Mostly, though, this book is ideal for learning or brushing up on the basics and while in some cases for me, I've got a way of e.g. doing a beehive that I prefer (as less backcombing), it did help me nail something I've been struggling to get right... the hair bow (now that's what I'm talking about for a retro hairstyle with a modern twist)!  

Vintage Hairstyles: Simple Steps for Retro Hair with a Modern Twist review

Using the book's guide to the bow, I finally managed to get one that almost looked neat (not as neat as the one on the cover, but that wasn't gonna happen - still too much of a novice for that). Several YouTube videos hadn't got me there, so for that alone, I'm really glad to have this book on my shelf! Along with the hair bow, it also gave a handy tip that helped with side rolls too, so I feel like I've got a new perspective on both that make them simpler and less frustrating. Big thumbs up for that. You can teach this old dog new tricks.

Cute vintage style hair bow

Er, I didn't wear this dress for the old dog comparison. Anyway, the proof is in the pudding - there's both the bow and a side roll on my head here and both look good (you'll have to take my word for it on the roll). Overall verdict: a great book for those that are new to vintage style and might just teach the veterans among us a few new tricks as well. It's also a great price for one of these kind of coffee table books, coming in at just over £10 for a hardback. 

In the interests of full disclosure, my copy was provided by the publisher, although that hasn't changed my opinions here.

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Sunday, 20 September 2015

Outfit: walk in the park

If you ever wondered just how far I would take my love of matching, this post is basically the answer. (Ok, no one ever wondered that ever, apart from me. And I already knew the answer.)

This far. You see, I've got this real habit of buying accessories because I think they might go with something I haven't even bought yet. Most of the time, it just results in things I never work out how to wear (I've got at least three belts I've never worn yet, for example). But sometimes, this backwards technique means I win at clothes. Because when I bought this polka dot headscarf, even I didn't think I'd ever match the whole print to something else. But whad'ya know... This top, incidentally, is one of my favourite buys from this year's Collectif summer range. And that was a tough choice, as I yet again bought most of it (and then some more because it's all 75% off right now). 

But wait, that's not all folks. When I bought these coral sandals, how could I have known I would pick up a bag in a sale over a year later that was pretty much the exact same colour? I couldn't, but I did! And I'd resigned myself to these shoes never matching anything I owned - which was a shame, because they are really, really comfortable.These sandals are actually the shoes I take on holidays to places where there's actually warm weather as my walking-around shoes. 

Although, it won't take a genius to work out I'm not in the south of France in these photos - nope, just an optimistic south of England. The sandals at least looked good for a long walk in a nature park, but boy my toes were freezing. And wet, because it rained of course.

Collectif Rebel Kate jeans, polka dot daisy top, headscarf and coral accessories

Collectif Rebel Kate jeans, polka dot daisy top, headscarf and coral sandals

Collectif navy polka dot top with daisy embroidery

Collectif Rebel Kate jeans, polka dot daisy top, headscarf and coral accessories

Navy and white polka dot top with matching headscarf

Navy and white polka dot top with matching headscarf

Collectif Rebel Kate jeans, polka dot daisy top, headscarf and coral bow sandals

Collectif Rebel Kate jeans, polka dot daisy top, headscarf and coral sandals

Navy and white polka dot top with matching headscarf

Collectif Rebel Kate jeans, polka dot daisy top, headscarf and coral accessories
Scarf: Primark
Cardigan: H&M (old)
Top: 'Peggy' Collectif
Belt: New Look (currently £1.35 in sale!)
Jeans: 'Rebel Kate' Collectif
Shoes: Topshop (old)
Bag: Ollie & Nic (currently £12 in sale!)

And yes, these are one of the pairs of jeans from my post about the best high-waisted pairs from a few days ago, if you were wondering.

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Tuesday, 15 September 2015

The best high-waisted jeans for vintage and pin-up style

The best high-waisted jeans for vintage and pin-up style

A decent pair of high-waisted jeans is an absolute staple in my wardrobe. Yet a good pair can be very hard to find - particularly if you're looking for a true high waist for a vintage shape and not what the high street might think this is. Try to find a pair with belt loops and pockets and not these jegging/disco types that are popping up everywhere and your mission becomes even more difficult.

Because I'm petite and my torso is shorter than average, I tend to go through the rounds when I'm trying to find a pair of high-waisted jeans that suits me. As such, I've tried so many on recently I feel I can give tips on where to find a pair now! This includes those that didn't work for me, but might for other ladies. Throughout this round-up, I've tried to indicate which sizes and shapes I think would suit each pair.

The best mid high waist jeans for pin-up and vintage style


These are the rises that hit you at approximately the bellybutton - ideally on it. For a more traditionally vintage higher-waist than that, keep reading onto 'true high waists' below. These styles will be especially ideal for my fellow petite ladies, or anyone who'd like a hint of vintage style rather than complete authenticity. They also all have skinnier legs than the true highs below, so would be better for a more modern pin-up than authentic vintage look.

These pairs have made it onto my list because they are the best that's currently available, to my mind..

These are currently my favourite pair of jeans - and at the moment they're edging towards the lofty heights of being my all-time favourite pair. They hit me at just above my bellybutton and do the most amazing job of holding everything in and giving a fantastic shape. I don't have a flat tummy and many pairs of high-waisted jeans emphasise its roundness, but not these! The denim is firm enough to pull me in without being uncomfortable - they even seem to give me a small waist and smooth hips. It's jean voodoo, I tell you.

So why even have more options on this list? Well, I adore them and the reviews on the website would suggest I'm not alone in that, but if you're tall and want a naval-high waist these aren't for you. They only come in standard leg length, so they'll be ankle crops if you're used to 34"+. I also have to be frank that these are the priciest pair here and not everyone will want to spend that on jeans. For me, I got them for £20 off on special offer and they are so ideal I am completely happy with the investment - they are fab quality (something I wouldn't always say American Apparel is).

Ideal for: all shapes, due to large amount of stretch, which helps to give a perfect fit; petite (with roll-ups or alterations) or average height

Order: your exact waist measurement. These are super true-to-size, although I did find I could get into the next size down too - it just wasn't as comfy. I have found these stretch out just enough without going saggy, which I guess is the sign of quality denim!

You've seen me wear these jeans before, so it's probably not a surprise they've found their way onto this list. I still love them for their quirky western-style stitching and the classic indigo shade. Although, again, they're not going to be long enough for tall ladies. 

There is another drawback with these jeans too - and now that I've stretched them a little bit through wear it's the reason I sought out my new American Apparel pair... They do gap at the back on me. My hips are 8" wider than my waist, which isn't super curvy, but probably curvier than some. Saying this, I am squarely between sizes in these jeans, so I feel like if I could have bought a size 9 I wouldn't have had a problem with this as they'd have given in the hips and still fit at the waist. Brand new, these were too big at the waist, so it figures that'd get worse!

Ideal for: those with around a 6" or smaller gap difference between waist and hip measurements; petite (with roll-ups or alterations) or average height

Order: a size up rather than down, as these come up a half size small (and not in a way you could stretch them to fit easily - I could do the size down up, but it made me want to cry!)

Ankle (or petite!) length - Collectif Sally Denim Capris

I love this style, even though it is the only pair in this round-up that breaks my usual requirement of jeans, having no pockets or belt loops. This being said, if these had fit me correctly I would have kept them in a heartbeat as they would have been flattering and could have been dressed up quite nicely due to the smooth pin-up shape. They also would have been very versatile on my short self - I could have worn them as both full length jeans that would have been an ideal length, or rolled them up. They are, you see, intended to be ankle length.

Alas, though, I'm an inch bigger than I could get away with on the waist for these. I tried two sizes on - the size up was much too big, the smaller size (my usual Collectif size) fit but not comfortably. The waist was just a bit too small - I couldn't sit down in them without grimacing. While they do have a bit of stretch, it wasn't enough for me. The discrepancy wasn't the same as the Rebel Kate - these come up smaller than the Sally.

Ideal for: hourglass shapes who fit squarely into Collectif's size guide measurements; petite - for wearing as full length jeans - and average and tall for wearing as crops

Order: your size as per Collectif's size guide, if you fit into it neatly - these won't be comfortable if your waist is bigger than said guide (mine is 1" bigger)

I've owned a few pairs of New Look high-waist jeans in my time and what I can say for them is this: they are a very good price for what they are, and what they are is a budget high-street option available in many sizes and colours. New Look are the only popular high street retailer I've found that are still producing high waist jeans, rather than high waist jeggings. This particular style they seem to reissue each season and it's currently available in various blue shades and black, in as many as four different lengths. The three-button thing is quite similar to the appearance of Collectif's Rebel Kate style. 

They're a decent option if you want to try out a pair before investing in a better quality one, as the downside to these is that the super-soft materials do tend to stretch a bit over time. Saying that, it can depend on the pair as I've got some that have kept their shape pretty well. With a waist belt it might not be worth worrying about.

Ideal for: all heights, as the various colours usually come in 3-4 different leg lengths, and as they are very stretchy they'll fit most shapes

Order: New Look come up slightly on the large size I find - I'm between sizes as I've mentioned and I always order the smaller size in their jeans, which serves me well. Because of how much stretch there is in their jeans, you'll probably find erring on the side of small will serve you best

The best true / super high-waisted jeans for vintage and pin-up style


So these are the jeans that will sit above the belly-button, in a higher, more authentically 'vintage' rise. The high street doesn't tend to go near rises this long!

For authenticity: Freddies of Pinewood (any - Indigo Pleated Pants featured)

I wanted these jeans to work for me so badly, but they just didn't. These jeans probably have the highest rise of any on this list, sitting on me around the bottom of my ribcage. And that's why they didn't work - a waistband restricting your ribs is pretty uncomfortable! I am, however, pretty short and I know dozens of ladies these jeans work wonderfully for. No vintage jeans round-up is complete without this brand, known for their faithful reproduction of vintage styles. Most of their styles therefore feature a classic wider leg than the skinny types we're used to these days, so these are more for your vintage look than your pin-up one. 

Saying all of this, Emileigh (Flashback Summer) had the rise of her pair altered and at approximately my height she's rocking them, so that's always an option too - if you're prepared to invest, these jeans don't come cheap as it is.

Ideal for: average-tall ladies, ideally with measurements close to the size guides as these are classic denim with a limited amount of give. Note that each style fits slightly differently

Order: stick to the size guides, but if you're not sure the Freddies team are always willing to help!

These are a pair I haven't tried on, as these jeans are specifically for those of us who have a tiny little waist and comparatively larger hips - we're talking 10"+ worth of difference. However, regardless of this they've made it onto my list because I've never seen a pair of jeans raved about in the way these ones are by vintage/pin-up lovers! I have a small amount of difficulty getting jeans to fit on the hips and not gap at the back, but I understand for those of us with a bigger discrepancy than my 8" waist-hip difference this is a real problem that puts most of you off buying them entirely. I urge you to try these out - and if you want to see how they look on and hear more from someone who knows check out Miss Victory Violet's review

The other reason I'm recommending these jeans is because of how lovely and helpful the owner is. Any questions about sizing she'll happily help you out with and these jeans come in both 32" and 36" lengths for tall ladies. And if you want to try a non-curvy version, there's a 'classic' style too. I would say that there's probably cheaper options in this post for those of us with a smaller discrepancy in measurements, but if you're curvy maybe these jeans are the answer!

Ideal for: curvy girls, and if you're average height or tall you won't have to get alterations

Order: from speaking to the owner, it sounds like you should go for the size closest to your waist measurement, as the whole point of these jeans is they stretch to fit even the curviest hips, while the waist should be snug

Like Freddies, but cheaper: Collectif Monroe Full Length Jeans

Another pair that I tried and sent back, as I again couldn't get the especially high rise to feel comfortable on me. They're very cute though, and quite similar to the Freddies pairs in style with their straight leg - although I'd say it's narrower than most Freddies pairs. These are a good, cheaper alternative to the Freddies if you want to try this more classically vintage shape out.

The dark denim is going to be super flattering on most people too!

Ideal for: probably going to be better for more subtle hourglass curves, as these don't have a huge amount of stretch. They fit me fine on the waist and hips, but would probably accommodate slightly bigger hips than mine

Order: follow the size guide, it's quite accurate for this pair. If your waist is much bigger than the size guide, you might want to size up

Also, one final mention for the Vivien of Holloway 1950s Jeans. I haven't featured them because I don't know how they fit and the measurements are definitely on the curvy side so I don't think these would work for people like me. For example, a 26W has 38H... but I'm going to guess without the figure-hugging stretch of the Lady K Love jeans. They're also pricey, so you're going to really want them to look perfect for that money! They get bonus points for the range of colours though, and how authentic they are.

And what to avoid...

These are of that 'disco jean' variety with no pockets or belt loops, which is the first reason you should avoid them (although, as above, sometimes I can go for these if they fit nicely as per the Sally Capris). The second is I've never looked as bad in a pair of trousers as I did standing in the excruciating light of the Topshop changing room wearing the Jonis. They highlighted every unflattering thing possible - from my round tummy to the weird baby saddle bag I have on one hip. Basically, the material is thin and doesn't have the suck-it-in quality of good stretch denim, as per the American Apparel jeans above. I can only picture these working for the slim among us with no lower body insecurities. I'm actually pretty positive about my body, but after I put these on I felt dreadful about myself for a week afterwards. Also, they call these 'super high' but they're not as high as the styles in my 'true high waists' above, so don't be fooled.

By all means, do leave any other suggestions for your favourite pairs below! Have I missed anything obvious?

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Thursday, 10 September 2015

Outfit: my first ever 'vintage' piece

I realised the outfit posts on this blog are becoming as much about the ridiculous UK weather as vintage style recently, so today I'm going back to what we're all here for (unless you really do enjoy me complaining about the wind) - the fashion.

And what better way to do that than to share the piece that kicked off my vintage-inspired wardrobe? This Tara Starlet top, while not true vintage of course, was the first item I remember buying that was distinctly vintage style. It was part of my determination to create a more grown-up work wardrobe for myself back in my early 20s and, as you can see, it fits like a glove. I don't really know why I was drawn to it particularly, other than the photo of the model really sold it to me (quite likely it actually was Tara back then as she used to model a lot of the styles herself in the early days of the brand). I also knew it would be versatile and that I'd never find anything like it in modern shops.

I still think it's one of the most special separates I have and I love it all the more because it has such nostalgia attached to it. Where would I be without how great it made me feel? I could be sitting here wearing those chunky heeled sandals you see every girl wearing and... the 90s. Neither of which would look remotely good on me (the latter I know from copious photographic evidence). So there you have it, the piece of clothing that started it all. 

There's actually another first in this post - it was the first time I'd ever worn flats with a full skirt. I know, it's all groundbreaking fashion all the time on this blog... but you have to understand, I've been convinced this was a no-no for my height for so long it was a shock to find it didn't look all that bad after all. And it was all the better for walking around the Norfolk coastline on a very brief trip this year.

So... this isn't my best set of photos of all time (note to self, on a sunny day wear sunglasses to avoid squinting in 98% of photos and just give up in 40mph wind already). I couldn't quite bring myself to delete them though - the seaside location and stormy clouds (surprise surprise, it rained relentlessly a couple of hours later) were too lovely.

Tara Starlet gingham blouse, 50s black swing skirt, red peep toes and a frame bag

Vintage style gingham blouse, 50s black swing skirt, red peep toes and vintage frame bag

Vintage style gingham blouse, 50s black swing skirt, red peep toes and vintage frame bag

Eternal Collection poodle brooch on gingham blouse

Tara Starlet gingham blouse, 50s black swing skirt

Tara Starlet gingham blouse, 50s black swing skirt, red peep toes, vintage frame bag

H&M red knot peep toe pumps

Vintage style gingham blouse, 50s black swing skirt, red peep toes and vintage frame bag
Glasses: Ray Ban RX5226
Top: Tara Starlet (veeery old)
Brooch: c/o Eternal Collection
Belt: Marks & Spencer (similar)
Skirt: Peacocks (similar)
Shoes: H&M (last year's)
Bag: vintage

I would love to hear what kicked off any of your vintage style collections too?

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Sunday, 6 September 2015

Autumn/winter wishlist - 60s & jewel tones

I guess because our weather changes so quickly, I'm generally starting to think about what to buy for autumn around early August each year. That's usually a good thing, because usually round about the end of the month it actually becomes autumn in the UK, so you might as well be prepared.

This year, I'm going to try really hard to not buy all the tartan a la 2014, as I think if I try to put one more piece of plaid in my wardrobe, the dodgy bowing rail will finally snap in half in protest. Happily, for the sake of my furniture, I'm finding myself more drawn towards colours and shapes I don't already have...

autumn/winter 2015 wishlist

It might be because I'm watching Mad Men again, but I definitely feel that I'm lacking in the jewel colour department. I have barely anything in green, hence that emerald jumper, or purple. I have about three things with purple in my whole wardrobe - so I was pleased to see this cute bengaline skirt from Collectif. Not only is it a pretty rich shade, it's also a shorter length than their regular swing styles, which at around 28" long, are virtually ankle length on me and therefore always need altering. This one should finish above the knee, so a bit more of a 60s vibe about it and no trip to the tailor necessary - win!

The skirt would go fabulously well with those boots, too, for a real 60s vibe. I've been looking for suede heeled boots like this since last year, admittedly, and I hope to add some like this to my closet soon. Not only would they be great with shorter skirts, but peeping out under that stripy tube dress too, as they're fitted.

Faux fur is never far from my mind in the colder months and I enjoyed wearing my 60s shaped coat  so much last winter I'm eyeing up this little beauty to replace my decade-old battered black coat. I just can't resist a fur collar on a coat - so snug!

Something that I can wear without having to worry about my stumpy legs, narrow shoulders, tiny torso and/or short arms is hats. Of course, my beret collection will most likely grow as I'm seemingly powerless to stop it and I definitely need this raspberry beret (you've all got Prince in your head now, I'm sure - you're welcome), but I'm hoping to get a nice felt hat too. Which is admittedly more 70s than 60s, but it'll look so good with those boots and you know it. Although, I did try one on similar to this in a shop recently and B thought it looked like a 'witch's hat' and the colour didn't suit me, so maybe I need to find a lighter one!

I definitely feel like I'm more 50s in the summer and more 60s in the winter. The long boots, pea coats, turtle necks... I don't enjoy the cold, but I do enjoy any chance to expand my wardrobe ;)

How will you be adding to yours this season? That goes for you too, my southern hemisphere friends - go on, make me jealous!

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Thursday, 3 September 2015

Outfit: strawberry style (so long, summer)

I think I'm ready to admit that we've waved goodbye to summer here in the UK. Not that we really got one this year - I think our total number of days of 25+ degrees wouldn't total more than a weeks' worth of warmth. But it's fine, I'm over it. No, really. Once we get into September I can accept we should have autumn weather and I don't feel quite as bitter about it. However, unlike everyone on the internet apart from me (or that's what it feels like!), I don't love autumn. But you have to understand, I've just had three months of autumn weather, even if it was calling itself 'summer'. Autumn just means 'winter' in this country. And no one really loves winter (loving Christmas is not the same thing).

Anyway, we did have a rare sunshiny day in August and my strawberry bag practically leaped into my hands, so desperate was it to see the outside world again. Who am I to deny a bag of such adorableness? All there was to be done was find an outfit that it was destined to be paired with. You know what that means - matching. Happily, I found a shirt that almost looks like it's strawberry patterned. I will admit I have been buying a disgusting amount of clothes recently (I may actually be a shopping addict at this point), but this was a no-brainer because: Collectif sale. It was £5. 

I haven't yet introduced you to my new denim dress, either. I love this dress. Denim is just the best fabric ever for being casual no matter what shape it's in - in this case a 50s sundress. I can't believe this was a high street buy, the shape is so authentic - I didn't get a photo of it, but it has the best square neck (there's a link to the dress below if you want to see it). This dress is easy to throw on for any occasion - and it looks good with or without a petticoat (I've got the PUG canvas underskirt on here - a review of which is coming). I absolutely love it and you bet you'll see it again dressed up for colder weather. It'll look great with long sleeves underneath.

But in the meantime, thanks to someone down my road kindly painting the side of their house in a perfect photo-backdrop shade (thanks, neighbours!), there's picture evidence of me and my strawberry bag enjoying the warm sun for what's probably the last time this year...

Oasis Jasmine 50s denim dress, Collectif shirt, Collectif strawberry bag

Collectif Virginia red polka dot shirt, Collectif strawberry wicker bag

Oasis Jasmine 50s denim dress, Collectif shirt, Collectif strawberry bag

Collectif Virginia polka dot shirt over Oasis denim dress

Collectif Virginia polka dot shirt, Collectif Leah sunglasses

Oasis Jasmine 50s denim dress, Collectif shirt, Collectif strawberry bag

Collectif Leah sunglasses in cream

Collectif Virginia polka dot shirt

Oasis Jasmine 50s denim dress, Collectif shirt, Collectif strawberry bag
Sunglasses: Collectif 'Leah'
Bag: Collectif (out of stock - similar)
Shoes: Topshop (similar)

I can't be the only one sad to see the seasons change, right? It is literally like someone flipped the 'cold' switch over here on September 1st.

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