Sunday, 31 August 2014

Outfit: denim co-ords and sunshine

It occurs to me that, yet again, I've spent the entirety of August thinking 'it's ok that it's not warm/sunny, we've still got time for it to be summer' ... and then suddenly you're staring down autumn and you're trying to convince yourself an Indian summer is on the cards. So all those lovely summer clothes you bought actually get some wear and don't just sit forlonly waiting for next year, when the whole process begins again. And look at me, yet again talking about the weather. It's like I'm British or something...

Anyway, I had this big idea in my head this summer that I'd embrace this whole co-ords trend that's about and put my own spin on it... but it took me so long to find a matching set I actually liked and wasn't all neon tribal print, that I'm probably only going to manage to wear it once this year. Shopping fail.

But at least the one time I wore it I thought to take pictures, eh? I really like this set, it definitely has a retro vibe about it with the cute sweetheart neck 'bralet'. I hate that word, because there aren't many tops I could ever wear without a bra (might not look it, but those are F cups). But actually, I take it all back because this one was so supportive (read: damn tight) I didn't need one! Genuine bralet, I salute you...

Retro denim co-ords

50s style denim bralet

Swedish Hasbeens Heart Sandals

Top: Warehouse (now out of stock)
Skirt: Warehouse (now out of stock)
Shoes: Swedish Hasbeens - try Soletrader

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Sunday, 24 August 2014

Outfit: candy-stripe shorts - very brave or very stupid...

It looks like we might have seen the last of the summer in the UK... but wait, I still have these pictures to post! Unlike now, on this day it was about 29 degrees and full sunshine and humidity, so this pair of shorts I bought last year were brought for the first time into the outside... to either the admiration or the horror of the British public. 

You see, now that I'm in my late 20s I can't figure out if I'm 'allowed' to wear short shorts anymore... But the day I wore these was so darn hot I stopped caring. Us Brits can't really cope with weather more than 27 degrees - we don't have air-con anywhere, we've got wardrobes full of heat-inappropriate clothes and it's such a change from what we're used to that we tend to spend every minute complaining about it.

What do you think, would you wear shorts this short? Owing to how self-conscious I felt, let's just say it might be the last year for me...

Pin-up style gypsy top and shorts

Summer pin-up outfit with Swedish Hasbeens Braided Sky Highs
Hair flower: ASOS
Top (tied up): Collectif (on sale at time of post)
Shorts: Primark (old - similar)
Shoes: Swedish Hasbeens (colour discontinued, find @ eBay)

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Thursday, 14 August 2014

Outfit: pink lady by the sea

Back to the north Norfolk seaside - you've already seen me parading by the pier in a floaty skirt, but these are the other photos I managed to take when I was there earlier this year. It's a part of the world I'm frequenting more often these days because of the access to free accommodation, excellent fish and chips, cream teas and beaches. (And with all the fish and chips and cream teas I consume in this part of the world on an increasingly regular basis, perhaps I will one day join the beach as a whale.) And as I post this, I'm about to head back for another long weekend - joy :)

As I'm getting to know my way around the area these days, this time I had locations in mind for taking some blog photos - hence the aforementioned beach post. So here I am, sauntering around the cute little side-streets that lead to the sea and the sandy beach. And though it looks like summer, it was actually like standing in a wind-tunnel and you'll notice in some shots I'm desperately clinging onto my helicopter ponytail, or have given up and let it take off. Ah, British summer.

Just as a side note, it always feels harder to make trouser/pant outfits as exciting and feminine as when you have a swirly, girly skirt. And much less fun for blog photos. Although, weirdly, the longer I write this blog the more I'm choosing to buy dresses and skirts and the less frequently I wear trousers... anyone else finding blogging is changing their sense of style??

And this outfit has the added bonus that it makes me feel like an extra from Grease...

Grease style outfit

Collectif 50s style bolero

Head scarf: Next (old, similar)
Shrug: Collectif (black version in stock)
Top: Collectif
Leggings: Topshop (similar)
Shoes: Clarks (similar)

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Sunday, 10 August 2014

Make-up: top 3 retro coral lipsticks

As soon as the sun starts to come out in Spring, I find myself reaching for summery alternatives to red lipstick. There's three shades I keep on coming back to time and again. And as it took me years of searching to find my favourites, I'm sharing my top choices with you now to save you the job ;)

Three 50s/603 style coral lipsticks
L-r: Rimmel's Coral Queen, Boots No7's Gay Geranium & Revlon's Kiss Me Coral

The perky pink
Rimmel Lipstick Coral Queen
Rimmel Moisture Renew lipstick in 620 Coral Queen

This is definitely a very pink coral, but I've let it into my list because it at least has 'coral' in the name and not everyone likes the more orange-y types. It's an incredibly easy colour to wear, not being too powerful a shade and also very moisturising, as the name suggests. Make sure your lips are exfoliated before wearing - it clings to flaky skin. This is a curious colour because on me it comes out very true pink and on my blonde but slightly more tan friend L, it looks lighter and slightly more orange - but still very pretty.

The classic coral
Revlon Kiss Me Coral Lipstick
Revlon Super Lustrous lipstick in 750 Kiss Me Coral

To me, this is the lipstick I own that is the most classically coral. It's probably the most subtle of these three - and very moisturising. It has a slight sheen, being a creme, which I personally prefer to blot away with some matte powder. It's an easy one to wear for the daytime and I can see it suiting a lot of different complexions due to its subtlety - I think it could look especially stunning contrasted with darker hair than mine.

The bright, matte favourite
Boots No7 Lipstick Gay Geranium
Boots No7 Stay Perfect lipstick in 75 Gay Geranium

I've left the best until last here - this is my all-time favourite retro coral shade. Which I think we can all agree, also has the best name. This is bright, completely matte and is the kind that bounces into the room before you shouting 'Summer's here!'. It never fails to perk my face up, even if it's tired. But you absolutely must exfoliate your lips and put a primer on before applying - it's a true matte and will show up every imperfection and eventually dry you out to create more if you're not careful. Worth it, in my opinion, for such a great colour - and one I've never found replicated in another range so far.

What do you think - any of these worth giving up your favourite red for?

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Wednesday, 6 August 2014

My kind of tattoo?

Quite often, the modern 50s-inspired, rockabilly look goes hand in hand with tattoos... and while I don't think that's quite my scene, in the social media world I follow several glamorous ladies with lots of skin art. It can look great on them, but it's never tempted me to get my own. Mostly because I can't imagine myself committing to a design that I'll love forever and don't have the imagination to come up with something both amazing and test-of-time-enduring. And the fact I couldn't scrub it off when I got bored of it terrifies me a little bit. That doesn't stop a small part of me wondering what life would be like with a tattoo... so when TTTattoo got in touch, I couldn't resist trying out one of their temporary transfers (thanks to them for sending a sample). 

Partly because, when I was growing up, temporary tattoos were a big fad - they even used to come free on magazines... and I loved them so much I used to save my favourites for so long I mostly ended up not ever wearing them. So most of the time in the 90s I was probably walking around with a naff, neon green alien on my arm, or similar. Fortunately, there were lots of designs to choose from this time around, including a handful of cute, retro types. One of their huge selling points is you can upload your own design too - but I couldn't resist the lady glasses (and as I said before, I just don't have the imagination for tattoo designs!!). When they arrived, I loved the packaging...

The design I chose, as I noticed was the case for pretty much all the other designs on the site, was quite small. I expect that's because you encounter problems with obvious wear if they're too big.

I followed the brief instructions - noting with slight delight that nothing had changed since the last time I applied one of these and that after a bit of water pressed onto the back, 10 seconds later and there it was on my skin...

The instructions warned that initially there would be a shiny finish you can see here that would wear away after a couple of hours, and while it does calm down a little, especially overnight, the wrinkles you can see remain. In other words, get within 2 feet and you're going to know it's a fake. I was kind of hoping that the technology would have improved over the last two decades, but it all looked pretty similar to before (just cute glasses rather than naff aliens).

From a distance, it looks nicer... but I still don't think I'd wear one in seriousness. Maybe it's the childhood craze connotations, but I just didn't feel like it was very adult! I went shopping just after I'd applied it and felt like everyone was looking at my arm, wondering what kid I'd let stick something on me. Perhaps that's because this doesn't look like your average permanent design though - it's not detailed enough and you don't see many in this shade of green.

It lasted for about 24 hours in perfect condition and then after that I started to spot patches of the glue wrinkling and the odd corner rubbed off. So while it was fun, this is probably something you'd only bother with for a party or something - especially because you could create some amazing unique and outlandish design for a theme... The good thing is, though, that it was just as easy to remove as in the old days - soap and water and a bit of elbow grease will do it. They're also pretty cheap, so it's a fun experiment.

And just for good measure, here's a few of the others the site had to offer... my 8 year old self would have been in heaven (but would have saved them all up for so long she'd never have worn them, of course).

What do you think? Would you try a temporary tattoo?

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Saturday, 2 August 2014

Outfit: polka dot skirt and the sea breeze

Taking you back in time to when I was at the coast earlier this summer... And it was basically raining the whole time, apart from the morning we took these photos (for approximately 3 glorious hours) and the last day, when we managed to get some more photos in. Don't anyone say I'm not a committed blogger ;) Especially as it was absolutely freezing taking these photos. Ever taken photos on a beach in the UK before? Then, my friends, you will understand what the words 'sea breeze' (hurricane) really mean. Not a single one of the curls I had in the ends of my hair lasted in the battering to make it into these pictures!

This wasn't my most inspired outfit ever, but having bought this skirt thinking I'd be able to wear it with loads of things, I soon found not very much actually went very well at all. Funny how that happens, isn't it? It's also a bit of a weird length - this neither short-nor-long length just looks a bit frumpy on me I think. So let that be a lesson to you - adhere to the length of skirt you know suits you when you're buying online... 

Perhaps I get bonus points for the nautical-ish colour scheme and great backdrop? I also got a little bit inventive with a headscarf...

Shrug: Monsoon (old, similar)
Vest top: H&M
Scarf - as belt: ASOS
Skirt: ASOS (on sale at time of post)
Shoes: Clarks (all colours available)

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