Sunday, 27 July 2014

Outfit: the tropical trousers are back

Some of you out there, I know, have been following this blog for long enough to have seen these trousers before... perhaps you liked them for their quirkiness, or perhaps you thought they were crazy then and they're no less crazy now and are suddenly wondering why you take anything I say about style remotely seriously. Either way, they're baaaack...

Actually, that's not quite accurate. The original trousers were a) a size smaller and b) had a ketchup stain from a bbq that I ironically blogged about just before, when they were still in pristine condition. Having tried to a) kid myself they weren't so tight I couldn't actually sit down without cutting off blood supply to my legs and b) remove said ketchup stain only to bleach the fabric until I'd removed all of the print in an area roughly the size of an orange, I forlornly threw them in the bin. And then promptly ordered another, bigger pair on eBay, where they seem to still pop up to this day. You could own a pair too! What? No? But look, they go so well with a big hair flower.

And because they're every so slightly too big for me now, the legs are loose enough to roll up higher than before, which I quite like for my short legs.

Casual summer 50s pin-up

Motel Jodie Jeans

Motel Jodie Trousers 50s style
Hair flower: Accessorize (old)
Shirt: Florence & Fred, Tesco (old, similar)
Capris: Motel (old, but still popping up on eBay - search for 'palm leaf')
Belt: vintage
Shoes: Swedish Hasbeens, Heart Sandals (mine are from ASOS)

Who gets to actually live on a street like this... which, I add, is about a two minute's walk from Cambridge city centre. Could be my perfect place to live...

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  1. I think they're cute! I could never pull them off but you sure do, they look great on you! :)


    1. I doubt that constantly, but thanks for the words of reassurance ;)

  2. Love how you styled these. And the story behind their re-emergence was pretty funny too! Don't stain these!

    1. Will do my best, but I feel like I've jinxed it now!

  3. Absolutely, these were worth tracking down again!! Lovely on you. I am tempted to get a crazy tropical pair of trousers myself, I will keep an eye out x

    1. If nothing else, they're fun and make you feel summery!! x


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