Photo diary: dog heaven (Crufts 2014)

I really, really miss having a dog. I’m not even 1% a cat person, despite probably having more personality traits in common with them (as I perceive them: lounging around, no desire for strangers, enjoying sunbathing). There’s something about the trust and love you can get from a dog that just melts my heart. I’m that person who will cry when there’s a story about an abused dog in the news.
But as B said to me, as we walked around just one small fraction of the huge arena hosting this year’s show – Crufts is proof that there is so much love for these lovely animals out there. Which possibly made me just as happy as getting to stoke probably close to 100 different dogs!
We took nearly 100 photos – but this selection is my personal Best in Show 😉
A Spanish Water Terrier – or a living teddy bear
This Irish Wolfhound was giving me the look of love for an intense 30 eye-gazing seconds
This Springer is for my housemate, L


The intense look of a dog watching its owner!


This gorgeous Otterhound didn’t move a muscle when it received a huge hug from a small child…
when the child moved away, it rather hilariously tapped him on the back with one paw – presumably for more!


Just a huge bear of a dog


One of my favourites – a Bernese Mountain Dog


Can’t even remember what this is (suspect a German Shepherd), but it has a great face


However, this has to be the best dog face ever


Another of my favourites, an Airedale! Just look at that mischievious expression


A beautiful PAT (Pets as Therapy) dog – if this dog were my therapy, it’d probably cure any illness I had


Towards the end, this is how I started to feel being on my feet all day
(this dog looks an awful lot like my childhood dog, Sam, who was also a bearded collie)
Actually, it was more like this!


And finally, what does one wear to a dog show? A doggy headscarf of course
(and very comfy shoes, a backpack for easy stroking + clothes you don’t mind getting haired up or drooled on 🙂

If only I could go every weekend…

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