Photo diary: adventures with a 60s camera

As I was going through my photo albums, I stumbled across a batch I never shared from last Spring that resonated deeply with me in March 2014 because of how darn cold and wet the pictures looked…
Beaches make such lovely backdrops for pictures – even in the winter – that when we took B’s dogs for a walk, we brought along his Diana F+ camera, which is a reproduction of an early 60s camera that’s become popular again for its blurry, dreamy photos. They’re are all taken on film, so if one goes wrong it’s tough luck, but it’s fun waiting to see what they’ll come out like.

I do think these came out quite dreamlike – helped by the grey sky. You can imagine Instagram got a bit of inspiration from cameras like the Diana…



B’s dogs are enigmatic creatures that never fail to make me smile… although not quite so much at the particular moment his Jack Russell ran round and round me in circles, tying me up with his lead like a cartoon villain. Fortunately no photos exist of this moment. B was probably laughing too hard to take one.


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