Photo diary: tracing old steps

Just over a year ago, B and I enjoyed our third date which involved a freezing cold, but very lovely, walk by the river after Sunday lunch at a nearby pub. I even posted about the outfit choice with a particular emphasis on how to look nice and like you actually have a figure and are not, in fact, a vast lump of knitwear. This is very important for a third date, I feel.

Anyway, a happy year and one sunny Sunday afternoon later, we revisited the pub and surrounding green spaces – again in the cold and crazy wind (and you’ll see this year’s outfit choice below) – but this time armed with my brand new SLR camera (another resolution kept!) to see what it could do. We took a few shots and I was seriously impressed with the quality – why it took me so long to invest in a decent camera I just don’t know. We also had B’s original Polaroid with us, but more on that to come in another post!

I like this pub a lot – it serves good food, has great big windows letting lots of light and views of the river in and is usually fairly quiet. Quite a classic Cambridge pub. It’s even nicer that it has history for B and I ūüôā

Despite the wind sending my hair in about a million different, but equally untidy, directions, I salvaged one shot where half of it wasn’t sticking upright to show you this year’s winter walk outfit. (But if you look closely, you can still see a few determined strands.)
And yes, it is the return of the knee-high sock layers…
Beret: Primark
Coat: ASOS (old and missing several buttons!)
Check dress: Oasis
Socks: Tesco
Boots: Clarks


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