Outfit: this old thing

While I was pondering the likelihood of stopping myself from expanding my pencil skirt collection (as I promised I would this year), it suddenly dawned on me that several years ago I did actually buy a basic flared skirt with the wild but misguided aim of creating a classic 50s silhouette. Unfortunately, I didn’t feel comfortable in it at all – at the time, I thought wearing it made me look like an overgrown doll, whereas my wiggly pencil skirts made me feel sophisticated and shapely… and like I was older than 10.

But now, years later (and older!), perhaps it is the time for embracing the full skirt… and maybe all it needed all along was the right kind of styling to feel ladylike rather than childlike!



Cardigan: Louche
Top: H&M
Skirt: H&M (old)
Shoes: Clarks

Maybe I can get the hang of this… Although, I am not keen on plain black things, so hello, new things! (Any excuse.)

Oh and PS, for those of you who caught the mention (and fabulous photography) of my new camera in a previous post and long-term readers that have spotted the significant difference in outfit post photo quality… say hello to the new love of my life!


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