Outfit: the Modcloth challenge

A bit of a break from the norm today… I was contacted by the good people at Modcloth and asked to put together a look based around one piece of their suggestion for their Uniquely You challenge.

I’ve never mentioned Modcloth on this blog before, but that’s because I don’t allow myself to ever think of them, much less look on their site – unfortunately they’re based in the US and I love nearly everything they sell. If my spendthrift online shopping fingers had their way, they’d have racked up hundreds of £s in custom charges by now!

Anyway, finally an excuse to window shop. Their featured piece is…

Evening of Extravagance dress, Modcloth

And as I thought this dress had a touch of the 50s about it with its big full skirt, so I’ve styled it accordingly… mostly because once I’d seen this hat, everything else had to follow.

Uniquely You - 50s style


And now, I just have to resist buying everything I’ve picked here. That’s the real Modcloth challenge! There are some shops selling Lime Crime in the UK though – online at least… I think it’s about time I tried one of those lipsticks 😉

Also, I’d never used Polyvore before, but it’s a lot of fun!

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