Outfit: dogs, red shoes and a full skirt

I’m a big fan of something that I almost never mention on this blog… the clue is on today’s skirt. Side note: I’ve bought a lovely full pleated skirt to continue on in my mission to branch out from pencil skirts. And I rather enjoy it.

retro full skirt red heels


Jumper: H&M
Skirt: Louche (from Joy)
Belt: magazine freebie years ago (!)
Shoes: Topshop
Can’t quite make out what that pattern is… look a bit closer…


Dogs! I love them and I’m very happy to be wearing them. This skirt is in danger of being a bit twee but I think the classy monochrome palette and pairing with some bright red kitten heels helps grow it up a bit.

And on the theme of dogs, I’m very excited to have tickets for Crufts in a fortnight’s time! When I say I’m a big fan of dogs, I mean that put in a huge event centre filled with hundreds, maybe even thousands of dogs, I might combust with happiness. But if I don’t, I’ll hopefully come back with lots of cute photos to share. Hope my readers are dog people…

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