Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Nice nails: nail art even I can do

In early January, I promised I would try to take better care of my nails. It neatly coincided with (ok, was heavily influenced by) L's acquirement of a nail art book and brush set... so not only have my nails been well looked after, they've also been a little bit exciting! So here's a quick photo post for my favourite styles from this year so far.

I've started with my favourite - wing tips! This was incredibly laborious due to the number of layers you have to wait for to dry and the precise shapes needed, but I received endless compliments on them and even though close up they were a bit messy, from a distance no one seemed to be able to tell.

The one that started it all, with tutorial 

These are intended to echo lingerie lace... I'm not sure I buy that but they are pretty/unusual

The classically vintage contrasting half-moons. I tried to do these without a stencil (after a botched attempt with little stickers) and found it quite tricky... next time, definitely with one! There's something about this one that made me want to look at them all the time.

And a guest hand - L's space nails!

I may just put up a how-to for the half moons, having now worked out how not to do it.

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