Saturday, 18 January 2014

Outfit: winter pastels

Well, well, well, here we are again - first outfit post of 2014. It's unfortunate that it directly breaks my resolution to expand my wardrobe beyond pencil skirts... eh-hem. But I think it's ok because it's not new! All I'm trying to do is find a way to wear my summer clothes in the cold because I'm pretty broke... and also, wearing light colours in the cold cheers me up just a tiny little bit. I am not a winter person.

Skirt: Collectif (old)
Top: Topshop
Cardigan: H&M (old)
Socks: Topshop (in store)
Shoes: Clarks (old)

The good news is that I haven't yet broken a few of my other resolutions... and indeed, although you can't see them here I have very exciting nails that I will share with you soon :)

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  1. This is very eclectic and unusual! I used to wear knee high socks with pencil skirts, but never would have thought to layer the socks over tights, that's certainly something to think about in these chilly months.
    P x

    1. It is both kooky and cosy ;) I guess you could be more subtle about it and have closer shades of socks and tights, but that doesn't feel as fun somehow..! x


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