Nice nails: a naughty strawberry

I can confirm that one of my resolutions has at least been stuck to so far… and that’s been to look after and generally tend to my horrible nails. I’ve so far had them painted on every day of 2014 – what an achievement 24 in! They’re thriving under the new care and attention and some have even grown longer than 1mm. Bless them.

I thought I’d share one of the easy styles that L and I created armed with L’s Nail Candy book and her nifty set of new brushes and dotting tools. We gave my classic red nails a sneaky little strawberry, just because.

First some leaves painted on with a fine-tipped nail brush…
Then some seeds courtesy of a dotting tool (tip: these are really useful instruments – the only way I know of to create small, perfectly formed circles with nail varnish)…
And voila, my classic nails are one strawberry short of a picnic (not really true, I just wanted to say that).

L and I have since tried some other, more difficult, styles from her book and I speak from experience when I say this was a nice way to get hang of the tools before trying something more advanced. I really recommend investing in what are relatively inexpensive nail tool kits if you’re bored of the same old block colours…

This isn’t the last you’ve heard on this!

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