New year, new ways…

I don’t often bother much with new year resolutions, but this year some of them have been partly or directly inspired by this very blog. So they are all clearly going to be very important and not at all superficial… Well, either I tell you about my actual important but very boring resolutions e.g. sort my pension out (it’s that dull) – or I share the fun ones.

So, in the spirit of #5 in particular, here’s the good ones…

1. Improve my photography skills

A new bridge camera in 2013, but a DSLR for 2014 please!

I’ve never had much of an interest in photography in its more artistic sense. I like taking photos but I’d been happy to be the person who steals everyone else’s for my own albums, never having had a decent camera or the nerve to ask anyone to pose, much less pose myself. All that has had to change with this blog and I’m getting there… but the next step is to invest in my first DSLR and learn how to use it. I want to think more carefully about putting together the most pretty images for this blog too, to make it worthy of everyone’s visual attention 🙂 I’ve made an effort on this post to start as I mean to go on…

2. Give my nails a chance!

Starting 2014 with very good nails indeed

This resolution is much needed because my hands are in a permanent state of distress, while the rest of me gets attention and styling. My fingernails bear the brunt of every worry and are therefore never longer than a millimetre at best (I worry a. lot.). This year, I do, at the least, want to make an effort to stop destroying them and generally make them look prettier by polishing them more than once a quarter. This is perhaps made easier by my current part-time job as guinea pig for L who has a new nail art book and brush kit (can you tell?).

3. Look beyond the pencil skirt

Pencil skirts – how many is too many..?

I love pencil skirts, of course I do, but they’ve become a bit of a uniform. I’ve got every colour and pattern combination going (well, almost) and I’m just a bit, well, bored of them. So this year, I am going to look to smart trousers for work and flared skirts for play.

4. Finish getting my teeth fixed

Left is before, right is now, but still a long way to go on the bottom teeth!

Oh, the story of my teeth straightening is a long and sorry tale indeed and one I’ve kept far away from this blog for the sake of all of our sanity. Cutting it short, after years of hating my wonky teeth I bought braces from a crook orthodontist who has significantly delayed my treatment, which should be practically done by now. I’m currently halfway through to perfection and battling to get it finished. Fingers crossed… And I’ll of course let you all know when it’s done 😉 (that should be ‘if’…)

5. Get personal

My book of 2013 memories – an anniversary present from B, pictured

I’ve always thought it would be more useful for this blog to be a kind of style guide than more of a diary… but I find as I go along more autobiography is creeping in (like my last post). And for reasons that baffle me (unless they are simple, innocent nosiness!), you all seem to like it! So 2014 is about being a little braver and sharing a little more, starting with this post.

A belated Happy New Year!


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