Hair how-to: easy, glamorous side roll

There’s a common theme to every hairstyle I ever do – they’re a lot quicker and easier than people usually tell me they look. And even though I haven’t worn this one myself (well, not in a photo posted on this blog, which is kind of the same thing), I saw it online and wanted to give it a go.
It is a large side roll that weaves around your head – very elegant. And good for parties (tis the season).
I would think you could probably do this on most length hair, from shoulder length on. The longer it gets, the more clips you’ll need to use to secure the rolls, but that’s the main difference.
You will need:
  • Hair brush
  • Lots of kirby grips in similar colour to your hair (probably at least 10 – 2/3 per roll)
  • Hairspray
  • Pomade (optional – it helps to create the curls though)
1. Hair down, brushed and given a big side parting

This style will be easiest in terms of rolling your hair if it has a curl to it, but as long as it isn’t straightened it should be manageable. Make sure you sweep your hair into a side parting – extreme ones work well with this look.

2. Letting the rolling commence…

This is as tricky as a ‘tricky part’ gets. This look is created by making many smaller rolls and joining them up to look like one. More on that in a moment. If you have pomade, run a small amount through each section of hair you work on, particularly on the ends, before you roll and it will help the roll keep its shape.

So, take a section of hair about 2″ wide and nestle two fingers at just below ear height as in the first picture (closer to ear/head and you’ll find it hard to roll). You’ll now have a loop of hair with the ‘end’ hanging over your fingers (left picture). Wind this end round your fingers and tuck the ends in to form a neat circle of hair. Now roll the circle of hair up towards your head and hold it where you want to pin it with the hand that won’t be doing the pinning – it’s easiest to do this by leaving your two ‘holding fingers’ inside the roll, but now pressing the hair in place against your head.

3. Pinning the roll

So now you’ve got your fingers on one hand holding the loop to your head, you just need to pin it. To do this securely, I slide a pin into the middle of the loop – which you can just about see in the left picture. I then slide one from the opposite direction on the other side of the loop. If I can, I overlap the clips slightly to make them even less likely to budge. Now, use your judgement of how loose the loop feels and how neat it looks.

If you need extra hold or have a bit of hair poking out the top, slide as many kirby grips as you need into the top of the loop, against your head. And you’ll end up with the picture on the right, hopefully!

4. Roll and repeat!

Now, all there is to do is repeat the first process with the next roll of a similar size on the side of your head. As you go to pin it, try to get the loop in line with the first one, but slightly lower towards the nape of your neck. Neaten up again with some extra pins if you need to.

5. Just a couple more…

Now do another couple of loops – 3 if you have hair left! – and you should be able to gather it all in and finish approximately halfway round the back of your head.

You can see in my picture on the left that my last roll wasn’t the neatest thing, but actually, that’s ok. The general look is still quite special.

Et voila

Now, where’s that Christmas party!

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