Video diary: strawberry picking – with style!

This is probably the most stylish post I have ever done – and it’s absolutely nothing to do with my own style for once!

Proudly presenting the first video clip featuring yours truly shot on a vintage Super 8 camera! Now, I’m not the one with the vintage camera hobby, this was all my boyfriend’s genius (I’m just the star, dahlings), so I don’t know a lot about the technicalities of what he’s created here… but I just love it. The colours are so stunning.

This was shot on a rainy day in Cromer earlier this year – long-time readers might remember my photo diary. I’m actually not great at posing for stuff, I tend to get awkward and embarrassed, but I am an excellent strawberry picker. There aren’t many times in life when my ridiculous levels of perfectionism do me a favour, but picking the best strawberries from a field of hundreds is definitely one of them.

For anyone wondering about this camera and how the film was developed, I believe the camera was a fairly cheap purchase from eBay and the film was purchased from 18 Frames and processed by Gauge Film. And that tends to be the expensive part – the film is expensive and developing it is expensive (and is far from instant), although clearly worth it if it’s the kind of look you’re after. But this is why I’m glad I’m not the one with the hobby 😉
What I think is especially nice about this footage is how much we were looking forward to it being developed and how much thought went into what was filmed. We had about 3 minutes to fill so boy thought about it in little ‘scenes’ to tell a story when joined together. It’s such a difference to the more disposable nature of photos and video we’re used to now. The bonus is we also have this digitally to keep forever and it’s a memento of a really lovely holiday.

And this wasn’t the only roll we shot – possibly more to come!

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