Saturday, 26 October 2013

Vintage style: BAIT shoes are finally here!

A quick post to share my love for this shoe-shop and delight that they've finally this week launched their UK store. No more can I not order for fear of whacking great custom fees... quick, hide my credit card!

Introducing BAIT and my top 3 favourites from their autumn/winter range... and the truly great thing is they do half sizes.


Now to suddenly come into some money...

CiCi x

Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Vintage style: a charming knitted cape

I have wanted a knitted cape for absolutely ages. Wonderfully 50s and quite simply a way to make any outfit adorable, in my eyes. However, if you can't knit (knitting a bad 'square' when I was 10 is the extent of my talents) and you can't find an original, it's quite difficult to get your hands on one. 

Or so it had been... But then, finally, one of my favourite shops had the genius to recreate new capes from authentic patterns. And then they were even more brilliant and put them in the sale!

Collectif Millie Cape

Collectif Annette cape
So different, I just love them. I chose the navy version of the Annette cape, thinking that the darker colour would mean I could wear it year-round. It's actually surprisingly warm as an extra layer - I wasn't expecting to get any kind of benefit other than, well, aesthetic from it.

And just for a bit of fun, I thought I'd demonstrate how it could work with a complete smart 50s day look.

50s knit cape based on original pattern

original 50s cape pattern
Cape: Collectif
Navy t-shirt (underneath): Forever 21
Skirt: George at Asda
Shoes: Limited Edition, Marks & Spencer
Lipstick: So Chaud, Mac (matte)

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Saturday, 19 October 2013

Video diary: strawberry picking - with style!

This is probably the most stylish post I have ever done - and it's absolutely nothing to do with my own style for once!

Proudly presenting the first video clip featuring yours truly shot on a vintage Super 8 camera! Now, I'm not the one with the vintage camera hobby, this was all my boyfriend's genius (I'm just the star, dahlings), so I don't know a lot about the technicalities of what he's created here... but I just love it. The colours are so stunning.

This was shot on a rainy day in Cromer earlier this year - long-time readers might remember my photo diary. I'm actually not great at posing for stuff, I tend to get awkward and embarrassed, but I am an excellent strawberry picker. There aren't many times in life when my ridiculous levels of perfectionism do me a favour, but picking the best strawberries from a field of hundreds is definitely one of them.

For anyone wondering about this camera and how the film was developed, I believe the camera was a fairly cheap purchase from eBay and the film was purchased from 18 Frames and processed by Gauge Film. And that tends to be the expensive part - the film is expensive and developing it is expensive (and is far from instant), although clearly worth it if it's the kind of look you're after. But this is why I'm glad I'm not the one with the hobby ;)

What I think is especially nice about this footage is how much we were looking forward to it being developed and how much thought went into what was filmed. We had about 3 minutes to fill so boy thought about it in little 'scenes' to tell a story when joined together. It's such a difference to the more disposable nature of photos and video we're used to now. The bonus is we also have this digitally to keep forever and it's a memento of a really lovely holiday.

And this wasn't the only roll we shot - possibly more to come!

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Saturday, 12 October 2013

Photo diary: 5 hairstyles, 5 minutes

A slight diversion from the norm today - a post about hair! Someone suggested I do this and if I think it goes down well perhaps I'll do more. 

First of all, I promise this is what I say it is - five hairstyles taken from an average working week that, once my hair's been washed and dried, take around 5 minutes to execute. On a bad day when nothing goes right up to 10.  I work a long way from home, as a manager in an office, and have 30 mins+ of walking in the elements on my way in. I also have long, naturally kinky and frizzy hair that looks a darn mess worn down without styling. So to look professional and keep a style in tact all day, usually I wear it up.

So here is a week of quick, somewhat neat hairstyles that are usually worn with a side helping of pencil skirt ;)


smooth bun + volume 

This looks neat and smart but is actually one of the easiest styles here. It's all about folding a ponytail into a loop and pinning that loop to your head, then fanning it out and pinning into place to make it rounded like this.


hair roll with plait row

This is unbelievably simple but slightly fiddly if the roll doesn't hold firmly straight away. I could explain this, but this blogger has done it far better! I think it's got a hint of 40s, personally.


half French twist, half mini beehive

I think of this as one of my more 60s inspired styles, grown up styles! It was inspired by Mad Men's Joan and it's the only one here that is somewhat uniquely my own creation. You split the hair in half, French twist the bottom section and tuck and pin excess hair under the twist. The top half is back combed and rolled in under itself in a big loop, then pinned into submission! It looks rubbish right up until the last pins.


pouffy bun

This is the emergency style because it's the fastest here - and on this Thursday I had overslept because my iPhone decided to take a break from being an alarm clock. Everyone knows how to do a bun, but the trick here is to give it some extra softness and height, by teasing hair out of a ponytail and then pinning the bun whole pushing it up against the back of the head.


half up

Very easy, I take half of my straightened hair from the top of my ears, backcomb, twist it and push it up against my head, then put one metal barrette in place to grip it. And then I get rained on on the way to work and remember why I always wear it up.

I've never done a hair tutorial before because I take nearly all of my photos myself, but maybe if someone asked I'd give it a go!

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Monday, 7 October 2013

Outfit: the forgotten 40s jumper

It's getting cold now... but a small part of me does like the part where you're reunited with everything you loved the last time it was miserable outside.

In fact, this little jumper I completely forgot about last year because it was so well buried. Not this year! Now I don't wear much vintage, as I always say, but this top is a small concession to real vintage style - it's made by Rocket Originals who specialise in recreating old 40s patterns. My jumper is apparently from an authentic vintage pattern.

The lighting when I took these photos was awful - there's not a lot you can do with such an overcast sky - but in case you can't work it out, the jumper is very dark navy. It also has the slightest of puffed sleeves, which is oh so cute.

And with the jumpers priced around £40 each, I think that's pretty good value for money when the product is so unique. I love this year's Fairisle versions, which, I note, are the same shape as my jumper here.

Jumper: Rocket Originals
Skirt: H&M
Ankle boots: Clarks Yarra Desert
Lipstick: Nars Heat Wave

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