Photo diary: back by the sea

Just a few photos while I adjust to the horror which is being back at work once your last holiday of the year (until Christmas) is over.

Another stay by the sea for a few days, soaking up the last of the summer.

Highlight of this holiday was a boat trip to see some wild seals. Absolutely incredible. What I liked best about them was how casually fascinated they were by us humans – they all turned to look as the boat went past.

Several of them swam alongside us.

But weren’t nearly as graceful caterpillaring back onto shore!
We were lucky enough to have beautiful sunshine that day.


Although we did get on the wrong tour boat as far as I was concerned – the other one leaving when ours did had two furry passengers on board (see if you can spot them!)
When we weren’t on the sea, we did a lot of staring pensively out of windows at it while waiting for our fish and chips… (a lie of course, if I ate fish and chips every day there I would now be 5 stone heavier). This restaurant had an amazing view of the sunset.


Because I had the time to, I did a bit of hair experimenting again. This time I tried pinning hair rolls to the top of my head to make an up do and I think it came out quite nicely.
Back to reality now…

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