Vintage style: take one crop top…

There’s a lot of things I don’t like about fashion this year, but one of my major issues is with perfectly nice tops that are half the length they could be. So many times I’ve gone to buy something online, seen the word ‘crop’ and abort! Abort!
Then one day it dawned on me that a) I’m short and b) I have so many high-waisted skirts, especially for work, perhaps I was wrong to immediately dismiss…
Particularly when I came across this little top and fell in love with the mottled texture – I’m not sure what exactly the pattern is but it reminds me of flowers so let’s go with that.
Because actually, when you think about it, a lot of mid-century tops did finish at the waist (tucked in or otherwise), which is round about where this one lands on me.


Textured crop top: Topshop
Side button skirt: Tara Starlet
Shoes: Clarks

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