Outfit: dressing a modern skirt

Nearly all of my clothes, as most of my readers know, are modern high street buys. I really don’t have the patience for searching for good vintage finds, nor the figure in most cases as I prefer fitted styles and clothes were less stretchy back then!

So talking of modern stretchy fabrics, here’s an example of taking a tube skirt and styling it a bit differently. Although not that differently, just putting some different touches on it…

… In this case by adding hair rolls, red lipstick and ankle-strap sandals – all more associated with 50s style.

(Can you tell I took these shots during sunnier times!)

I rather like the muted pastel colours of this skirt… I also like that this skirt was just £9.99 and yet is somehow still flattering!
I don’t like looking like I’ve walked out of a mid-century catalogue, so this combination of retro hints and modern patterns works pretty well for me.
Vest top: H&M
Skirt: Ark
Sandals: Swedish Hasbeens Braided Sky Highs
Lipstick: Nars Heat Wave


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