Saturday, 8 June 2013

Vintage style: capsule summer wardrobe - 50s denim shorts

Ah, the short... So easy to get so very wrong. But we shouldn't live in fear of shorts - a good pair can still form part of your summer wardrobe. The key, as I said last year in my first post about shorts, is to find a length that flatters you - and usually that excludes hotpants. It also helps to choose a dark and firm denim that will make you look smaller and also suck you in a tiny bit. And of course, a high waist is always always always going to be more flattering than low-rise.

There's a few good pairs on the high street this summer, so here's my top 3 dark denim high-waisted shorts and if you stay tuned to the end you'll see which pair I invested in!

Cute turn-ups
Dorothy Perkins - rinse wash high waist short, £23
Shorter length
Moto Indigo High Waisted Shorts, £32
Classic navy

Oasis 50s pin-up short, £35

And the winner is... well, how could I resist turn-ups!

Side view to demonstrate that they're managing to flatten down even my tummy, which is many things but flat is not one of them!

CiCi x


  1. The shorts look really feminine and flatter your shape. :) Nice outfit!

    1. Thank you! It's all in the cut... x


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