Photo diary: Avventure a Roma!

This time yesterday I was wondering around in 33-degree Rome… the last week was a paradise of sunshine, sights and seriously good food and wine. Back to the grey UK, but at least I have a fair few tasty treats lugged back gallantly by the boy – not a gelato’s chance in hell they’d fit in my own suitcases!

I also have a heap of photos to treasure. If other people’s holiday photos make you want to stick pins in your eyes look away now. Promise there are no sickening couple shots whatsoever but have to apologise for the over-enthusiastic use of Instagram (the boy and I are as bad as each other on this one).
There’ll also be a few more for somewhat more-exotic-than-usual summer outfit posts on their way in the future…

Obligatory shots of the Trevi Fountain
And of the Pantheon

Inside the Colosseum

Piazza Navona

Via Sistina

In the Vatican
My favourite sight in Vatican City

Everywhere around Rome there are drinking fountains – apparently there are 2,500 of them! We saved a fortune on water because of these so here’s an honourable mention.

This one was in possibly our favourite place in Rome – Giardino del Quirinale – a picturesque park about a five minute walk from our hotel where lots of locals walked their dogs, including a naughty labrador puppy called Bibo.

Sea (and other water)

We took a little day-trip to Santa Marinella on the coast, where we enjoyed 31 degree sunshine and an idyllic mediterranean beach. This was one of my favourite days – it was a slice of paradise.
On another day, we explored the Villa Borghese gardens which had a charming little boating lake. Boy took to the oars as we rowed alongside a few unexpected friends…





Seriously good food
Best gelato in Vatican City (and possibly the only one where you won’t be ripped off)
Picnic at Villa Borghese gardens

Mmm anchovies! A wafer thin pizza at Panattoni, La Travastere


Cin cin!

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